We are a group of passionate event personnel with strong entertainment and production background, who input creative and technical proficiency in bringing events to life.

Our Vision is to be the Leading Event Management company in the region.

Our Mission is:

  • To improve Public Listed Companies (PLCs), Government Linked Companies (GLCs) & Corporates’ VISIBILITY, INFLUENCE and AUTHORITY in the marketplace
  • To help PLCs, GLCs & Corporates’ to UNITE their employees and enhance team’s COMPETENCIES
  • To create a MEANINGFUL CONNECTION between PLCs, GLCs & Corporates’ and their customer
  • To growth ace team members achieving their GOALS & NEEDS

To produce a successful event, teamwork is the key. Let meets our team!

Event Team
Creative Team
Management Team
Account Team
Production Team

Feel free to visit our website or browse through some of our pictures here. If you like what you see then please give us a call. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and explain how we can make your event a success. Or better yet, set an appointment with us and our consultants will gladly visit you for further discussion. We’ll be waiting!