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Bursa Malaysia is an exchange holding company incorporated since the year 1976. They always focus on the interests in the expansion of their stakeholders’ operation as an investment holding company. They helped almost 1,000 companies raise capital across 50 economic activities, particularly in the Shariah-compliant commodity-trading platform. Today, Bursa Malaysia has become one of the largest bourses in ASEAN and will continue to champion sustainable market development to achieve the value of the growth they seek.


Bursa Excellence Awards (BEA) is an annual event meant to send recognition to the brokers for their continuous contribution and outstanding achievements since the year 2014. Reflecting on the dynamic changes in today’s world, BEA 2020 aimed to inspire and motivate the industry with healthy competition, encouraging the industry leaders to input more effort to lead to the growth and development of the Malaysian capital market. This will also be an opportunity to enhance the global visibility of professionalism and sustainability, in line with the industry’s Vision. 

The targeted audiences were the broker partners and market intermediaries in the capital market throughout local, region, and worldwide space. The participations are mainly across three segments including Securities, Derivatives, and Islamic capital markets. The targeted markets included the Main Market, the Access, Certainty, Efficiency “ACE” Market, and Leading Entrepreneur Accelerator Platform “LEAP” Market.


COVID-19 pandemic brought dramatic changes in human life, in terms of social distancing, mask on, and extensive hygiene precautious. From April 2021, business events related to meetings and conventions are allowed to operates at 50% of the event venue. Bursa Malaysia were conscious of the challenges faced whereby the focus of BEA 2020 could prevent the outbreak of infectious disease. BEA 2020 had to comply with the Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs) set by the Government. As the venue capacity must adhere to social distancing guidelines, only 50% of the capacities were limited at the event venue. Thus, Bursa Malaysia had to take this into consideration when selecting the event venue to accommodate the guest list.


  1. Digital Communication

As BEA is a private event, the digital invitations including the event details were sent directly to the invited guests before the event. The organizer had ease their work progress while collecting the client’s database with personal information, such as name, company, contacts number, and food allergies instantly. The digital invitation reduced the risk of exposure to viruses and most importantly, the cost in the case of a postponed or canceled event. Bursa Malaysia could take the immediate RSVP to expect the number of guests in real-time. It could give an understanding for the organizer towards the type of risks would the event dealing with. It also set the tone of the event, in terms of activities, theme, context, and venue, to make the guests feel prepared and ready for the celebration.

  1. The Touch-Free Environment

A touchless registration desk equipped with touchless thermal scanning was set up at the main entrance. The invited guests managed to check-in via the MySejahtera app. In addition, the event host continued to remind on the SOPs, such as no handshakes, social distancing, always mask on, and use hand sanitizer frequently. The banquet tables at the event venue were arranged in groups of 2 to 3 to minimize physical contact and avoid the crowd. Face-to-face interaction ever since the MCO started was valuable, yet we precious everyone’s health. Bursa Malaysia and the a.c.e team took the guests’ health seriously by having the lollipop signage carried throughout the event.

  1. Catering Safety

W Hotel was well-known for its cuisines which could satisfy all taste buds. During the BEA 2020, the food and beverage arrangements were the buffet and canapes. There were a few hot food stations around the event venue to control the crowd while canapes were served around the venue. The chefs and servers were compulsory to wear PPE – masks, and gloves appropriately at all times to ensure hygiene quality.

  1. Stunning Experience

BEA 2020 was aimed to create a celebrative occasion while promoting a positive vibe in the capital market. In order to leverage the event, the a.c.e team had worked closely with Bursa Malaysia to decide on the staging decoration, including the lightings, colors, focus, and movement. The audio system was well-signed to align with the event theme and goals. In fact, the visual and auditory experiences are important for the guests to create a sense of trustworthiness towards the brand message. 


When it comes to challenges, Bursa Malaysia was concerned about the event decorations and the enforcement of SOPs on the event venue as well as on stage. The production team was able to handle the emergency changes to come up with the lighting effect that was crafted to the event theme and objectives. For the enforcement of SOPs on stage, the stage marking was done by the stage team to comply a minimum of 1 meter apart must be applied. Oral feedback discussion was conducted after the event, whereby a.c.e received a great compliment from Bursa Malaysia regarding the effective SOPs execution. 

Overall the guests seemed to have enjoyed the event and some were pleased that BEA 2020 could continue to take place. As the event was aimed to create a celebrative event, it was certainly created a positive vibe in the capital market according to the oral feedback received from the broker partners and market intermediaries. BEA 2020 indeed marked another remarkable milestone in Bursa Malaysia.

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