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Great Vision Advisory Group, your one-stop financial services group. Established in 1993, our near 3-decade experience in the industry has transformed us into a trusted financial services group like no other.


Great Vision Annual Award Presentation 2021 (GVAAP 2021) is an annual event to recognize the best financial advisors in the Group. This year, Great Vision held their first-ever live webcast of the Annual Awards Presentation on July 31st, 2021, and successfully presented nearly 100 awards during the virtual event. 

An awards ceremony is the greatest way to reward the teams for their outstanding performance and continuous contributions. It is the most looking forward celebration event after a year that gets the team to dress up nicely and get ready to receive appreciation for their jobs well done.

Amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Great Vision brought the GVAAP 2021 from the physical event and incorporated it into a digital world. The digital platform breaks the tradition of a gala dinner format and offered a networking space to maintain the appropriate recognition. The teams could meet and foster relationships while having some fun. It also served as a motivation for the teams to continue to put 110% effort toward everything in work.


The virtual event platform was well-designed to catch the attention of the virtual audiences when entering the virtual lobby. The virtual space was replicating the on-ground gala dinner’s lighting effects to set the tone while creating a unique virtual ambiance. 

To facilitate the virtual audiences, the event agenda was clearly displayed. The tutorial video can be viewed on the virtual platform to ease the onboarding process for the virtual audiences. The “message” icon was also placed on the platform for easier reach to the technical support team.

The virtual event featured a live opening ceremony by two invited hosts, Emcee Wai and Emcee Pang. The welcome speech by the chief executive officer of Great Vision, Kelvin Ng was also live-streamed to the virtual audience via the virtual platform.

All the awardees appeared on-screen during the awards presentation. The sessions were followed by a few special interviews and interactive sessions. The virtual audiences were actively engaged with the sessions through the feature of “Flying Emoji”. A total of 4 icons were implemented in the platform. They were Clap, Love, Thumbs up, and Smile.

The annual awards presentation had come to the most exciting section which was the Grand Lucky Draw. The winners were randomly picked up by the virtual platform’s draw system to receive gifts granted by Great Vision.


The virtual platform created a not-so-socially-distant virtual space whereby the virtual audiences could together, share honorableness and boost the company’s vibe under these uncertainties. The group photos at the end gifted GVAAP 2021 truly memorable.

Great Vision was beyond proud to be one of the staunch advocates in the financial industry to host the virtual annual award presentation. Great Vision found them to work better with virtual events and definitely would host any virtual streams moving forward. 

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