About Royal Institution of Surveyors Malaysia (RISM) 

The Surveyors were first recognized as a profession in 1885 with the setting up of the Survey Department. Prior to March 1961, there were two professional bodies representing surveyors, The Malayan Institution of Surveyors (the former R.I.C.S Federation of Malaya Branch) and the Institution of Land Surveyors. History for surveyors was made on the March 13, 1961, when these two bodies met at the Boardroom of the Royal Selangor Club resolved to form then The Institution of Surveyors (Federation of Malaya).

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For 28 years since 1992, RISM have been organizing the annual National Real Estate Convention (NREC), as an established national convention to present an unconventional way of looking at property. The NREC brought together like-minded property surveying professionals to enhance collective learning, encourage the sharing of ideas, to deliberate on matters such as, but not limited to, the latest professional knowledge, and latest professional skills and practices.

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However, the outbreak of the COVID-19 had a dramatic impact throughout the world. While physical events are impossible for now, RISM were forced to reconsider their approaches to

embrace the digital transformation.

Objectives of 29th NREC

  • Conference: Interactive presentations with speakers
  • Virtual: Innovative virtual event platform
  • Workshops: Life-like virtual environment
  • Community: Audience engagement

As regards the clear objectives, RISM had analyzed mass research of different virtual event platforms and they found a.c.e. 

Why a.c.e? 

For RISM, NREC was their largest annual event and they want to move it virtually this year. Looking at a.c.e’s virtual event platform, the exhibition hall got them hooked. Regardless of the basic features of a virtual event, a.c.e offered a virtual space that re-enacts the experience of browsing around the exhibition, discovering more information, and making contacts. This made RISM adopted a.c.e.

The Solution For Organizers

The virtual event platform was customizable according to the event’s needs featured Main Lobby, Plenary Hall, Networking Lounge, Exhibition Hall, Info Desk, Agenda, Contact List, & Briefcase.

With the assisting of a.c.e, RISM were able to walk through the virtual event setup smoothly. a.c.e received a good response for the platform demo as it navigated the exhibitors to be onboard quickly. 

“We are confident that 29th NREC will deliver on its promise of being the best annual event for all the Valuers, Real Estate Agents, Property Managers and we look forward to welcoming you online!” – 29th NREC

RISM were happy with their experience with a.c.e to fulfill the promise to give event participants an experience as close to an in-person Convention.

The Solution For Sponsors

Understand that branding was so much important for 29th NREC, RISM were able to offer all the sponsors to display their brands in the Main Lobby. Besides that, RISM set up an exhibition hall for the sponsors to showcase their solutions and services. The data was able to be captured across each session and be shared with sponsors which helped them to get a high level of sales opportunities after the event.

The Solution For Exhibitors

All the exhibitors’ booths were personalized as they featured plenty of useful resources:

  • Company Profile
  • Company Video
  • Product Brochure
  • Product Gallery
  • Business Cards Exchange
  • Link to Company Website

All the documents could be saved in the Briefcase and downloadable at any time. The audience could also leave a message for the company representative by just click on the Live Chat icon.

The exhibitors were pleased with well-performed virtual booths as they received new leads and get improvement in ROI.

The Solution For Speakers

The conference was held live in the Plenary Hall with the live Q&A. There were 12 speakers invited to join remotely and they enjoyed their presentations very much. The live-streamed sessions took the event to the next level as they provided interactive sessions whereby the speakers could answer the audiences’ questions in real-time.

The Solution For Audiences

Much different from the past experience from attending other virtual events,  the attendees were amazed at the grand virtual space, designed by the a.c.e team. A Welcome video was placed in the middle of the Main Lobby to greet the audiences. 

To facilitate some less tech-savvy audiences, the a.c.e tech support team was available all the team. There were no technical issues during the event and the audiences could enjoy the flawless virtual event. 


The virtual event went beyond expectations. Comparing to their past virtual events, the overall engagement rate of 29th NREC was reported higher. RISM were glad that their Valuers, Real Estate Agents, and Property Managers were adapted well to the virtual event. With the transition to virtual events, RISM realised the importance of a virtual event technology provider like a.c.e that offered seamless, secure, and reliable solutions to automate the event management cycle.

ABOUT a.c.e

a.c.e loves events, and we are a bunch of passionate event personnel with strong entertainment and production background, who input creative and technical proficiency in bringing events to life. People always called us the Magic Makers. We conceptualize and provide exceptional event implementation for GLCs, MNCs, and PLCs. We transform the imagination to life so that our clients can solidify their brand, and amplify their market. 

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