Bursa Malaysia is an exchange holding company incorporated since the year 1976. They always focus on the interests of all the stakeholders in the expansion of their operation as an investment holding company. In the year 2005, Bursa Malaysia was listed on the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad. They help over 900 companies raise capital across 50 economics activities, particularly in the Shariah-compliant commodity-trading platform.

Today, Bursa Malaysia has become one of the largest bourses in ASEAN and will continue to champion sustainable market development to achieve the value of the growth they seek.


Bursa Malaysia has engaged a.c.e Team for many of their events and the relationship has grown stronger. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Bursa Malaysia faced great difficulty in hosting the annual event Invest Malaysia Kuala Lumpur (IMKL). Prior to using a.c.e Team, Bursa Malaysia was one of the first organizations to engage the virtual platform to host the IMKL Virtual Series 1: Economic Recovery: Policies & Opportunities on 7th July and Virtual Series 2: Powering Malaysia’s Growth Engines on 20th July.


In the pursuit of evoking the growth of investment opportunities and visibility in Malaysia to be the anticipated capital ASEAN markets across key economic sectors, Bursa Malaysia wished to stay on the top. They have taken much consideration to deliver the goal.

  • Any location is limited to lodge over 1000+ audiences due to the Standard Operating Procedure. 
  • To deliver the sense of connection to the attendees without overlook the conferences objectives
  • A busy schedule with different speakers to target the higher engagement rate for each conference


1. Remarkable Visual Experience to Outreach Higher Engagement

On logging in, the delegates and attendees were taken to the main lobby with a 3D layout to navigate the direction to each part of the event. The informative session on the landing page had displayed a cheerful environment, spacious space surrounded by trees to attract the audiences.

With high demand to deliver a highly creative visual environment, the setup of the virtual platform was not only to showcase the host’s branding but also with a set of features. a.c.e Team was able to put in the customized features to ease the use of the platform.

2. Agenda

The virtual conference had a clear timetable for each program so that the audience can visit any of the sessions based on their interest. The agenda delivered the transparent information of each conference including the speakers, theme, and time. The audience can arrange on their schedule wisely according to the agenda.

3. Real Time Backend Support

During the conference days, a.c.e Team had engaged the professional production team to ensure the livestreaming went smoothly from start to end. On-site support was provided to assist the company representatives during the sessions and also to assist the queries received online. The audiences could interact with the speakers that are relevant to the topics via the Live Time Q&A session. In the meantime, the audiences could reach each other through the Networking Lounge to have a real-time sharing session.

It’s not the end! The audience can recap the sessions as they were recorded at broadcasting via Bursa Malaysia’s YouTube channel.


IMKL 2020 Virtual Series was hit a high success with its results. With over 1,000 attendees for each session during the event day, there is absolutely no doubt for the virtual conference to have the power to deliver the objective. The speaker and attendees were impressed by the seamless communication whereby enhancing the engagement and brand promoting to the targeted audience. The perfect features boost lead generations for the event host for the upcoming IMKL 2020 Virtual Series 3.

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