In late 2020, the Securities Industry Development Corporation (SIDC) had pivot their annual conference – Business Foresight Forum 2020 virtually for the first time. It was undoubtedly a big success while SIDC was impressed by the high performances on the virtual platform. Since then, a long-lasting partnership was established between SIDC and the a.c.e team.

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BFF 2021: Transformative Innovation Reshaping Business Realities in Extraordinary Times

With the ongoing COVID-19, the physical event continued to be prohibited. As the capital market industry’s partner in learning and development, the pace of technological innovation never got slow within SIDC. In the new era of certain uncertainty, SIDC was looking for a virtual platform that “WOW” their virtual audiences while accomplished a few objectives as planned:

  • A more sustainable and resilient platform
  • A greater production efficiency 
  • The digital innovation to strengthen the future corporate landscape
  • A valuable creation to showcase the professionalism

The a.c.e team was then brainstormed on how to expand the virtual skills to provide cohesive solutions for SIDC to bring a more exclusive virtual experience on the virtual platform.


A virtual event can has it’s challenges, certainly preparation is the key to make BFF 2021 stands out. 

a.c.e embarked on a new venture with SIDC to develop the virtual platform that achieved all the event objectives. The two-day virtual conference was was successfully launched on 22 September, 2021.

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Let’s dive into the key features of BFF 2021!

  1. Spacious design for engaging virtual experience

Align the virtual events strategy with the event objectives, the virtual platform was designed to bring a life-like event experience. The virtual conference was imitated a physical conference hall, from the Main Lobby, Plenary Hall, Networking Lounge right down to the Info Desk. A personal avatar was placed through the virtual plaform to welcome all the virtual audience and provide assistance. The avatar-based platform created a sense co-presence and built real connections.

  1. Token of appreciation for supports

Most people enjoy eating out, but it become impossible due to the pandemic. Food delivery service become a modern trend for ordering and receiving food from restaurants. A food voucher from Grab was gifted to BFF 2021’s virtual attendees to pleased them for their attendances. It also served as a way to build a positive reputation for SIDC and the partners.

  1. Maximizing the sessions interaction

BFF 2021 offered a variety of sessions to cover different topics. The event agenda was clearly displayed on the virtual platform to keep the virtual audience informed of the event schedule. 

Much like a physical conference, the Plenary Hall is where the panel discussions, live polling, Q&A sessions broadcasted live to the virtual audiences. Besides that, one-to-one interaction was encouraged where the virtual audiences could communicate and connect with each others via Live Chat feature.

Supported documents were accessible at the Briefcase. The virtual attendees could stored the tutorial videos, housekeeping notes, speakers introduction, posters, etc. at the Briefcase and downloaded after the event. 


The analytics report from the virtual platform backend demonstrated the big success of BFF 2021. Positive feedback was collected in sessions engagement, networking sessions, banner ad clicks, evaluation surveys, etc. The virtual platform proved to be more cost-effective and expansive global exposure. 

SIDC was again impressed by the virtual platform, inclusive of event design, features creations, and event engagement. As SIDC favor their successful pivot from in-person to virtual events for the second time of BFF 2021, they continued to capitalize on the key takeaways and learned on strengths, for better future event enhancement.

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