CGS-CIMB Securities International Pte. Ltd. (“CGS-CIMB”) is one of the leading integrated financial service providers in Asia.

It is a 50-50 joint venture between China Galaxy International Financial Holdings Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Galaxy Securities Co. Ltd., and CIMB Group Sdn Bhd.

Through a network of local offices, branches and strategic partners, we have a global presence in over 20 countries, providing a truly Asian perspective. We are well-positioned as Asia’s leading financial gateway with a core focus on well researched and in-depth analysis on financial products.

We are a customer-centric firm and focus on value creation for clients, offering a suite of investment and financial solutions for retail and institutional clients. Our businesses include retail broking, institutional equities, derivatives, prime services, equities research, wealth management and online broking.

Backed by an award-winning research team, we have one of the most comprehensive research coverage of over 800 stocks in the region. Our strong research capabilities form the backbone of our product and service offerings, connecting clients to opportunities.

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CGS-CIMB & a.c.e

CGS-CIMB 12th Annual Malaysia Corporate Day was held physically in Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur at 6th January 2020. Due to the serious situation of COVID-19, everything has changed. This year, CGS-CIMB has decided to pivot their 13th Annual Malaysia Corporate Day virtually at 7th January 2021. As a profession of virtual event management, we are always ready to help our client to move online. Without further ado, we had proposed CGS-CIMB with our virtual event package that fit their requirement to house over 1,000 participants in the virtual platform.

Moving the event online was necessary with the team adaptability and team cooperation. Let see how CGS-CIMB and a.c.e work together to launch the virtual corporate day.


We have recruited the production teams including the broadcast team, AV team, and technical team to assist CGS-CIMB for their virtual corporate day. During the event day, we have limited the number of people onsite in the production venue, including the moderators, invited guests, speakers and the operators. Not to worry, everyone is following the SOP strictly by separating into the different rooms. To enhance the company branding awareness, each room was set up with the greenscreen, camera, and production lights to have a better quality of livestreaming with a full branding background.

The livestream was hosted via Zoom, equipped with the virtual platform provided by a.c.e. The virtual platform included the Main Lobby, Plenary Hall, Networking Lounge, Info Desk, Agenda, Briefcase, and Continuing Professional Education (CPE). Every of the event information is transparent and easy to access. In the general run of physical event, we can have more than 1,000 participants to attend the conference depending on the venue size, and everyone was required to sit in the conference hall for a long hours, from welcome address to closing speech . But with an virtual event, we can have more than 10,000 attendees that to meet virtually. The attendees could attend any of their preferred presentation topic based on the agenda, also allowed to download the presentation video after the event.

In the mid of the virtual corporate day, we have received a compliment from the moderator, saying, “Virtual event is much more time-effective and cost-effective. We can invite the guests to standby just 30 minutes before the event and they may leave after their sessions ended. Besides that, we can receive a lot of questions one time in one platform. The production team is so professional with their production equipments to host such a big conference.” And yes, this is what a.c.e always do for our clients.


We had reached the 200% of participations in the virtual corporate day. What a huge success! CGS-CIMB saved more than their expectation in expenses, which indicate that the net revenue was higher than hosting an in-person event. All in all, we are pleased for the support of CGS-CIMB in our virtual platform. The good news is that CGS-CIMB has decided to go digitized and will continue engage a.c.e for their future virtual events.

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