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WHY a.c.e?

CGS-CIMB had engaged a.c.e to host the 12th Annual Malaysia Corporate Day physically in Mandarin Oriental, Kuala Lumpur on 6th January 2020. For the first time in 2021, CGS-CIMB held the virtual format of the 13th Annual Malaysia Corporate Day on the HVE virtual event platform on the 7th of January. Never been more pleased to attract 200% of participation in their annual virtual conference, especially during the pandemic. Certainly, CGS-CIMB 13th Annual Malaysia Corporate Day had proven to be successful. Then, they have welcome the CGS-CIMB Malaysia Virtual Investor Corporate Day on the 26th July 2021. 

Believe that a.c.e has always come as the first option for CGS-CIMB to host their conferences, either physically or virtually. From the data analysis in the backend, CGS-CIMB gets a deep understanding of the audiences’ metrics and content preferences. This year, the CGS-CIMB 14th Annual Malaysia Corporate Day came back for a 3-day event, from 05th to 7th of January 2022, seeking a greater word-of-mouth event.


For the second year of hosting the annual conference virtually, CGS-CIMB wonder if they could gather an impressive reputation within the 3-day agendas. Leveraging the experiences and knowledge in the virtual event industry, they had clear objectives and goals: 

  • Create a cohesive space where the audiences could have higher engagement in the virtual space.
  • Offer on-demand and downloadable content that the audiences could focus on with perceived value.
  • Provide networking opportunities with 2-way interactions.


  1. Spacious Design With The Concept of Urbanization

The virtual event platform, as known as the event venue was well-designed which validated the professionalism. It created a sense of inclusivity that made attendees feel like they were actually attending a formal conference. The platform layout was designed to be user-friendly that suited CGS-CIMB’s expectations and established a strong brand image. All the features were clearly displayed on the screen to ease the navigation to the different rooms.

  1. Event Agenda With Informative Session Introduction & Speakers Details

The agenda changed every day based on the event days. The descriptions of each panel discussion covering the useful information given the audiences quick access to the three days programmes. It also highlighted the invited speakers and moderators where the audiences could find the basic profiles. With the timetable, the audiences could add the sessions they are interested into their personal calendars.

  1. Educational Sessions With Interactive Q&A Sessions

The Plenary Hall or what others called – Virtual Auditorium where all the sessions were hosted. The audiences could join the conversations with the speakers through the Q&A sessions. The sessions throughout the three days were available on-demand to accommodate the audiences who come from different regional time zones. In addition, the audiences could continue their conversations by heading to the Networking Lounge. They could search for participants that shared common interests, then simply send a greeting message in text form.  

  1. Sustainable Materials & Actionable Decisions

Briefcase where the audiences stored the sessions videos and written documents. The audiences could then download, revisit or share with others after the events. Additionally, every audience who visit the virtual conference were complemented with CPE points on the condition that they had completed their full attendance on the 3-day events.


The audiences were rewarded with the Grab voucher to enjoy their lunch remotely. CGS-CIMB and their audiences had a great time and great experiences with the event.

Within the 14th Annual Malaysia Corporate Day, CGS-CIMB received positive feedback from the public. They are also satisfied with the results by looking into the metrics at the backend. The high level of engagement levels throughout the event proved that the challenges were breakthrough and the event objectives were met.

ABOUT a.c.e

a.c.e loves events, and we are a bunch of passionate event personnel with strong entertainment and production background, who input creative and technical proficiency in bringing events to life. People always called us the Magic Makers. We conceptualize and provide exceptional event implementation for GLCs, MNCs, and PLCs. We transform the imagination to life so that our clients can solidify their brand, and amplify their market. 

If you need any service in any aspect of event planning, drop us a message or send in your email to us at Also, visit our Facebook and Instagram to know more!