China Mobile International Limited (CMI) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Mobile. In order to provide better services to meet the growing demand in the international telecommunications market, China Mobile established CMI in December 2010, headquartered in Hong Kong, China. CMI has expanded its footprint in 36 countries and regions.

Leveraging the strong support by China Mobile, CMI is a trusted partner that provides comprehensive international telecom services and solutions to international enterprises, carriers and mobile users.

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“Embracing Industry 4.0” virtual event 2021 was hosted by China Mobile International Malaysia with partners including MARii, HUAWEI and etc. It was a 3 days webinar from 13th to 15th October 2021, covering three topics, inclusive of:

  1. CMI Network Integration by Solution Director – Justin Tan
  2. CMI Smart Solution by Solution Manager – Dominic G.
  3. CMI ICT Solution by Solution Manager – Kevin Ong

It was a public event, that invited the community to Unlock the Power of IoT Solutions.


  1. Main Lobby: Through the lobby, there were banner spaces for sponsorship opportunities. The event partners could display their logos which attract a high value of visibility throughout the event.
  1. CMI Hall: CMI conducted 3 webinars and the presentations were pre-recorded. The on-demand videos was a great idea for CMI to reach a wide range of participants across different time zones globally. No one would miss out on any content as they could quickly go back to any interested session at any time.
  1. Partners Hall: There were a total of 7 virtual booths clearly laid out, which allowed the participants to view the partners of CMI. The virtual booths worked as the video gallery to showcase plenty of relevant videos on each company. 
  1. Exhibition Hall: Those 7 virtual booths were exhibited here. They have linked to the official websites of the event partners with one click away. Instead of a video gallery,  participants could find the company profile and brochures of all event partners and event organizer. An upgrade feature was that participants could submit their interest in certain services of each company. They could also chat with the booth representatives via the Live Chat button, in the form of text, live audio, and video. 
  1. Info Desk: The less-tech savvy participants could find Technical Support in real-time to solve their technical issues. With the flexibility of the virtual event platform, they were also encouraged to connect with CMI via the General Enquiries feature. 
  1. Briefcase: The documents, videos and other materials in the CMI Hall, Partners Hall, and Exhibition Hall were accessed in every booth. The participants could add them into the Briefcase, download them later and share out the event key takeaways.  
  1. Survey: The event organizers could hear from the participants by collecting feedback. The questions asking for their experience and any improvement to be done were the most effective way to bring back the virtual event in the future year.
  1. Gamification: CMI maximised engagement and interaction by investing the gamification element to the event. The participants had to visit all the booths in order to collect the stamps and stand a chance to win the prize.
  1. Submit Your Interest Now: All the participants could register their interest in Huawei Cloud 3 Months Free Trial by filling up the embedded form.

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