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The equivalent of Bursa in Malaysia, the stock exchange of Singapore is operated by SGX. On 18th November 2020, 9am – 1pm, SGX had collaborated with CGS-CIMB Securities Singapore to bring us the inaugural InvestSG 2020 virtual forum. With one of the world’s most robust stock markets – Singapore, the event aimed to introduce Singapore’s stock market to the experts lined up.

InvestSG 2020 had invited well-known speakers in the fields of economics, C-suite executives from diverse industries, and the CGS-CIMB’s award-winning research analysts to share their knowledge and views. The industries include rubber gloves, REITs, and statutory bodies. 


InvestSG 2020 is a large-scale annual event in Singapore. For the first time to organize a VIRTUAL finance conference in Malaysia with Singapore, SGX and CGS-CIMB needed to move forward to find the best way to present their micro view of a new market and whole new industries to invest in. 

Despite the COVID-19 restrictions, SGX and CGS-CIMB looked for alternatives that would be able to fully deliver the event understanding, especially the goals and objectives within a half-day event. This year, they decided to partner with the a.c.e team as they believe the platform provided would engage the international connections across countries, and create an immersive and favorable virtual event experience for the speakers and attendees.


1. Informative Event Microsite

An event microsite is a standalone web page other than the company’s primary website. The organizers had optimized the landing page by inserting all the event information to execute the entire forum. For instance, the event description, the speakers’ introduction, the agenda, the registration value. Most importantly, the registration button generates tremendous buzz about the event. What makes the virtual event more interesting? Of course, the FREE registration drives the platform visits during the event day.

2. The New Platform Concept

SGX and CGS-CIMB wanted to deliver a clear, modern, and urban environment for the attendees. Henceforth, they had applied the new platform design proposed by the a.c.e Team. The vibrant and colorful virtual event platform was designed to welcome the attendees during the event day. Also, the virtual lobby was constructed with easy navigation, making the real-life experience for the visitors just like visiting a physical event.

3. Value Maximization From All Speakers 

The virtual events focused to introduce Singapore’s stock market in Malaysia. SGX and CGS-CIMB had invited the industry professionals to join virtually to deliver their presentation. The keynote speakers, Michael Syn, Head of Equities from SGX, Carol Fong, Group CEO from CGS-CIMB, and more. Much like a physical conference, the virtual event was hosted with live Q&A sessions. It is a key factor with two-way communication to maximize the value earned by the attendees. 

4. Participation Encouragement Through Pollings 

SGX and CGS-CIMB had made use of the virtual event features to strengthen the attendees’ engagement. In order to create an engaging environment, the a.c.e Team provided the platform with the polling feature. Taking polls during each breakout session helps to learn more about the attendees, yet to know whether your presented information is delivered successfully. 


SGX and CGS-CIMB beat the geographical restriction between Malaysia and Singapore to turn out to be a successful “real-life experience” finance conference. InvestSG had optimized the budget plan with no travel cost, no accommodation fee, no waste, no venue setup fee, and more that usually takes up in a physical event. The virtual event had made it convenient in every part of the event. Sending gratitude, the a.c.e Team was pleased to collect a great amount of positive feedback on the virtual event platform and features from the attendees, speakers, and organizers.

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