• Organizer: Bursa Malaysia & J.P. Morgan
  • Date: 14 September 2022
  • Event Format: Hybrid Event
  • Event Type: Conference 
  • Venue: Listing Gallery, Bursa Malaysia
  • Online Venue: Hello Virtual Event Platform


  1. Networking: Facilitate connections between attendees, investors, and thought leaders.
  1. Education: Provide comprehensive industry education through various sessions.
  1. Brand awareness: Increase brand awareness and showcase sustainability/ESG practices through signage, merchandise, and social media.
  1. Thought leadership: Establish organizers and sponsors as an industry thought leaders through prominent speakers and thought leadership content.


  1. Logistics: The logistics of organizing a large-scale conference can be complex and time-consuming, requiring careful coordination and attention to detail.
  1. Attendee engagement: The event must find creative ways to keep attendees engaged and interested throughout the conference to ensure a positive experience and encourage repeat attendance.
  1. Technology: Incorporating the latest technology can be expensive and may require additional resources and staff to manage, but is essential for a successful and modern conference experience.
  1. Sustainability: As the event focuses on promoting sustainability and ESG practices, it must ensure that it implements eco-friendly practices itself, such as minimizing waste and reducing carbon emissions.


  • On-ground event management
  • Virtual event management
  • Virtual event platform development & operation
  • Live streaming & broadcasting
  • Video production
  • Event conceptualisation & creative design creation
  • Audio & lighting solutions
  • Registration management
  • Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) marketing
  • Speakers management
  • Emcee management
  • Post-event reports
  • Live technical support
  • Printing Production
  • Stage management


The conference was highly successful, with positive feedback from attendees, sponsors, and organizers. Despite the challenges posed, we were able to deliver a memorable and engaging event that met the organizers’ objectives. The use of event technology solutions and a diverse range of speakers provided a unique experience for attendees, while the strict adherence to health and safety protocols ensured that everyone was kept safe throughout the conference. Overall, a.c.e was proud of the entire team’s efforts in delivering a successful event, and we look forward to working on the following series that will have a positive impact on society.

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