Invest ASEAN is a flagship conference organised by Maybank annually. The conference sparks conversations focusing on several financial topics in addition to other major topics like geopolitics, ethics and blockchain & cryptocurrency. The communities would share their point-of-views on the latest strategy insights and also address related challenges facing ASEAN.

Invest ASEAN 2022 is now in its 11th year and was themed “ASEAN: Framing A Future”. The 2-days conference fell from 8 to 9 June 2022, comprising conversations featuring industry leaders and experts from six Asian countries, including Malaysia, Bangkok, Vietnam, Singapore, Manila, and Jakarta.


  • Difficulty to bring together all speakers and attendees from across the state and country without travelling.
  • Expensive venue rental, logistics, hospitality and production.
  • Ineffective registration and check-in procedures that caused overcrowding.
  • Incomprehensive event planning to avoid overlapping the concurrent sessions.
  • Insufficient tools to measure event attendance and analyse event effectiveness.


Approaches to the venue in terms of traffic and capacity, a.c.e brought together the organizer and the international attendees to the Grand Ballroom of St. Regis Kuala Lumpur. A practicable event floor plan was designed to ensure a smooth flow of the event program, including:

  • Event entrances and exits
  • Security checks
  • Health and safety plan
  • Banquet arrangement
  • Loading-bay signage to suppliers

Expecting a huge crowd during the event day, a.c.e executed the Go Green registration and check-in system utilizing iPads. The guests were encouraged to self-check in at the registration counter. The paperless approach successfully simplified the progress while supporting sustainability.

The success of this hybrid event depends on the well-delivered live panel sessions which happen concurrently from the six Asian countries. a.c.e with our dedicated Project Team performed their professionals with the event technology to set up the event seamlessly. Maybank was impressed with the enhanced engagement and reach a national level.


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