• Organizer: Bursa Malaysia Berhad x Macquarie Group
  • Date: 7th June 2023
  • Event Format: Hybrid Event
  • Event Type: Conference
  • Venue: Sapphire Ballroom, Mandarin Oriental, Kuala Lumpur
  • Online Venue: Hello Virtual Event Platform & Facebook


The main objective of the Invest Malaysia Kuala Lumpur (IMKL) 2023 Series 2 event was to provide a platform for industry experts, sponsors, corporate entities, NGOs, delegates, and media friends to discuss and share insights on the digital landscape in Malaysia. The event aimed to explore the theme of “Digital Malaysia: Tomorrow’s Infrastructure, Today” and showcase the country’s potential for digital transformation.

The event featured a series of agenda items, addressing topics of Rethinking the 5G Model, Cloud as an Enabler of Digitalisation in Malaysia, and How Companies Approach Cloud Transformation. Additionally, the event sought to promote sustainability and environmental consciousness through the incorporation of ESG practices.


Organizing a large-scale conference and ensuring its success comes with several challenges. Some of the key challenges faced during the planning and execution of IMKL 2023 Series 2 included:

  1. Coordinating with multiple stakeholders: With various sponsors, corporate entities, NGOs, and industry experts involved, effectively managing and coordinating their participation and contributions was crucial for the success of the event.
  2. Ensuring seamless logistics: Managing the on-ground and virtual aspects of the event required meticulous planning and coordination to ensure a smooth experience for both in-person and virtual attendees.
  3. Incorporating ESG practices: Implementing environmentally sustainable practices while maintaining the quality and effectiveness of the event required careful consideration and collaboration with service providers and stakeholders.


IMKL 2023 Series 2

To address the objectives and challenges, a.c.e was engaged by Bursa Malaysia provided comprehensive services to ensure the success of IMKL 2023 Series 2. These services included:

  • On-ground event management
  • Virtual event management
  • Live streaming & broadcasting
  • Video production
  • Social media marketing management
  • Event conceptualisation & creative design creation
  • Audio & lighting solutions
  • Registration management
  • Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) marketing
  • Speakers management
  • Emcee management
  • Post-event reports
  • Live technical support
  • Printing production
  • Stage management
  • Photo wall production
  • Photography & Videography services
  • Licensing purchasing
  • Launch gimmicks


IMKL 2023 Series 2 witnessed several highlights that contributed to its success:

  1. The event featured prominent speakers and government representatives, including YB Ahmad Fahmi Mohamed Fadzil, Minister of Communications and Digital, who provided valuable insights and perspectives on the digital landscape.
IMKL 2023 Series 2
  1. To emphasize the importance of recycling and waste reduction, the event featured lanyards made from recycled bottles. These innovative lanyards not only served as a practical and durable alternative but also acted as a tangible reminder for participants to prioritize recycling and environmental stewardship.
IMKL 2023 Series 2
  1. Bursa Malaysia partnered with What A Waste, a service provider responsible for collecting and packing all the leftover food waste generated during the event. This collaboration ensured that excess food was not wasted but instead distributed to those in need. By addressing food waste and contributing to community support, Bursa Malaysia demonstrated their commitment to reducing food waste and making a positive social impact.
IMKL 2023 Series 2
  1. To address the need for frequent event setups, Bursa Malaysia opted for a sustainable approach by reusing furniture. Customized pieces were built specifically for their event requirements, allowing for efficient use of resources and reducing waste. This practice showcased Bursa Malaysia’s dedication to sustainability while maintaining a consistent and tailored event experience for attendees.
IMKL 2023 Series 2
  1. In an effort to minimize paper waste, Bursa Malaysia made the decision to eliminate the printing wastes. Instead, they embraced digital alternatives such as electronic versions of the agenda and the utilization of digital registration through iPads. This forward-thinking approach not only streamlined the registration process and enhanced efficiency but also reduced the event’s environmental footprint. The conference further showcased Bursa Malaysia’s commitment to embracing technology and innovative solutions in event planning.


With 300 attendees, the event successfully attracted a diverse range of participants, fostering networking opportunities and collaboration within the industry. By incorporating ESG practices and promoting environmentally conscious approaches, the event demonstrated Bursa Malaysia’s commitment to sustainability and inspired participants to adopt similar practices in their respective domains. The success of IMKL 2023 Series 2 strengthened the reputation of Bursa Malaysia and their partners as organizers of impactful and forward-thinking conferences, positioning them as leaders in the digital transformation landscape.

IMKL 2023 Series 2

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