ISIS Malaysia was established on 8 April 1983 as an autonomous research organization. ISIS Malaysia has a diverse research focus which includes economics, foreign policy, security studies, nation-building, social policy, technology, innovation and environmental studies. It also undertakes research collaboration with national and international organizations in important areas such as national development and international affairs.

As Malaysia’s premier think-tank, ISIS has been at the forefront of some of the most significant nation-building initiatives in the nation’s history. It was a contributor to the Vision 2020 concept and was consultant to the Knowledge-Based Economy Master Plan initiative.

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Praxis 2021 is an annual economics and business seminar organized by ISIS Malaysia since the year 2011.  As Malaysia enters the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Malaysian economy is slowly back on the path to recovery supported by the reopening of more economic sectors and is expected to rebound in 2022. 

This year, Praxis 2021 was decided on the theme of “Recovering Malaysia”. The two-day conference aimed to create a platform for robust discussions, focusing on the ramifications of a post-Covid-19 world and planting the seeds of public policy. Praxis 2021 will see the expert panels on the best ways forward for Malaysia, through airing and debating existing policies and suggesting new ones. 

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ISIS Malaysia has partnered with a.c.e once to host the 34th Asia-Pacific Roundtable virtually. ISIS Malaysia highly regarded the virtual event platform that captured exceptional analytics, including the event’s headcount, sessions’ preference, booths’ engagement, banners’ impression, etc.

This was not the first time for ISIS Malaysia to move to an online platform, ISIS set extra expectations. They want to present extra value for the audiences:

  • Creating high-value conversations in real-time
  • Offering high-priority content
  • Gaining high-end brand identity
  • Tracking high-volume data


In partnership with Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung and CGS-CIMB, the a.c.e team had fulfilled the promise to welcome the ISIS Paxis 2021 on 21st and 22nd October. 

Let’s see how the a.c.e team support ISIS Paxis 2021.

  1. Interactive Networking Functions

The Networking Lounge allowed the audiences to reach each other as well as the speakers and organizers easily. The Search function was integrated into the Chat function whereby everyone could connect to others that shared the same interest and start conversations. The conversation can be in text, audio and video call format. The Contact function was placed at the feature bar so that the audiences could view the speakers’ session while discussing with others the topics at the same time.

  1. Educational Keynote Speakers

There were a total of 5 speakers sessions with 18 keynote speakers invited to join the two-day conversations. In order to create a valuable experience, the sessions were featured with a series of presentations, followed by live polling and Q&A sessions. The agenda was transparently displayed on the virtual platform. This helped the virtual audiences to schedule their personal calendar and find the sessions they would like to join. Each presentation was recorded and allowed to playback after the event. 

  1. Strong Brand Engagement

The virtual event platform offered a range of branding opportunities for ISIS Praxis 2021 to showcase their brand messaging: Virtual Lobby, Plenary Hall, Info Desk, etc. In addition, all the flyers, name cards, presentation slides and other documents were downloadable at the Resouces.

  1. Post-Event Analytics

All the audiences were required to sign up for their attendance prior to the event as registrations were “by approval” only. This helped ISIS Praxis 2021 to access the attendees’ demographics, including their specific ages, religions, company and job title. The backend of the virtual platform allowed tracking of the event journeys. It gave additional insights into the audiences’ preferences and interests, which was useful for the post-event follow-up action.


The expectations were all met and the event goals were well-delivered. The evaluation survey was sent to all audiences during the event days. Over 90 percent of the responses were received with positive feedback and the audiences would be coming back for the next event. Followed by the 34th Asia-Pacific Roundtable 2021, a.c.e was honoured to work out another event with ISIS Malaysia. 

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