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National Conference on Business and Human Rights 2021: Towards Malaysia’s National Action Plan

Malaysia has been focusing on the business and human rights agenda for over 10 years. There were a series of roundtable discussions, workshops and dialogues organized, aimed to implement and leverage the Strategic Framework on a National Action Plan on Business and Human Rights in Malaysia (NAP BHR). 

This year, UNDP has organized Malaysia’s very first National Conference on Business and Human Rights (BHR Con 2021) on 21-22 September 2021. Following the National High-Level Dialogue in 2019, the National Conference provided a great opportunity for sharing on the progress of the development of the NAP BHR with several rich discussions of related topics.


UNDP had been streaming webinars and knowledge sharings on their social media channels for years. Building on their existing experience with the social media platforms, UNDP was considering incorporating the two-days conference live on YouTube to foster an exchange of information and professional experiences. Making the most interactions between the speakers and attendees was a key concern. They wanted a comprehensive control of the event management that facilitated the highly engaging conversations.

Finally, they have engaged a.c.e to fully transform their first-ever virtual conference that supports their objectives. 


There are a number of ways we can host the virtual conference. Wisely, UNDP had made the decision to conduct the National Conference on YouTube. By analyzing the data of audience segments received on the previous events, the virtual conference was targeting those who  were familiar with technology as well as the non-tech savvy audiences. This approach helped the audiences to feel more comfortable, confident and relaxed to join the online qual.

All the speaker sessions were fully supported by sign language interpretation. This enhanced service added value to the event. Additionally, it successfully identified and embarked the positive brand image for UNDP on a national baseline assessment. 

The plenary sessions of BHR Con 2021 were recorded and linked on UNDP’s official YouTube account. The audiences could always easily find the presentations they were interested in and rewatch the session videos by revisiting the YouTube channel at


UNDP received extremely positive feedback from the event audiences. Indeed, the extended reach of BHR Con 2021 was a remarkable journey for UNDP in achieving its Sustainable Development Goals. They were happy with the event outcomes and the working experience with a.c.e.

Greatly appreciated to receive an overall of 8 to 10 in terms of overall services and event satisfaction in the event service feedback form from UNDP. Our dedicated event team were also complimented with the words of committed and professional.

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