Established in 1993, Perodua aims to be the leading affordable automotive brand regionally with global standards. We offer products and services geared towards your various needs and wants, supported by a far-reaching nationwide sales and service network for the ultimate convenience of our valued customers.

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CHALLENGES: First-Ever Virtual Annual Conference In Its History

The Perodua annual conference was held physically for the past few years. In responding to the coronavirus outbreak, Perodua knew they had to host an entirely virtual event this year to address safety concerns. 

Organizing a virtual event became a scary process due to the overwhelming inflexible and disengaged virtual event platforms in the market. When Perodua contacted a.c.e, they wanted the solid solutions available for being reliable and creating the dynamic accessible. Perodua needed a well-prepared virtual event specialist to ensure a smooth live experience.

SOLUTIONS: Achieving The Virtual Vision With Dynamic Virtual Event Platform

It was an important decision for Perodua to partner with a.c.e realizing how eventful a virtual event platform should be that offered the lifelike experience with engaging brand moments.

To kick-off the first launch of the virtual event, Perodua had hired a.c.e for the video streaming technology and created the bespoke platform for the live stream session. The VIPs, emcee & committees were invited to present in-personly at Perodua Auditorium Hall. The strong setup has empowered the confidence in Perodua to their dealers by having a scalable solution for the event. There were up to 1000 dealers joined in remotely on the virtual platform to witness the most significant historical event.

To accomplish the virtual vision, the company slogans were brought to public attention through the e-banner once the attendees landed on the virtual event platform. The communication hub had tapped into an immersive experience in creating a visually rich environment.



Through this partnership, Perodua had welcomed the new brand experience for the team, from a live gathering to a live session, to live interaction. 

How did the Perodua Virtual Annual Conference 2021 work with a.c.e?

  • Once the attendees landed on the platform, they were guided through specific user journeys to ease the user experience.
  • The event schedule was viewable to all, which allowed everyone to keep track of the agenda.
  • The innovative platform design was tailored to the virtual conference that helped boost the brand values.
  • The live keynote presentations are equipped with a high-definition camera system, strong audio support, and a good lighting setup.
  • The virtual conference offered the Flying Emoji that helped build excitement with reactions.
  • The excellent live info desk enabled Perodua to assist the visitors in real-time. 


“a.c.e is well-experienced.” – Nini Melissa, Perodua Executive

“a.c.e is professional, and would like to appoint ACE for future events.” – Zawani, Perodua Executive

“a.c.e is well-delivered” – Mohd Ekhwan Tesno, Perodua Business Support & Strategy

ABOUT a.c.e

a.c.e loves events, and we are a bunch of passionate event personnel with strong entertainment and production background, who input creative and technical proficiency in bringing events to life. People always called us the Magic Makers. We conceptualize and provide exceptional event implementation for GLCs, MNCs, and PLCs. We transform the imagination to life so that our clients can solidify their brand, and amplify their market. 

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