• Organizer: Securities Commission Malaysia
  • Date: 31st May 2023
  • Event Format: Hybrid Event
  • Event Type: Conference
  • Venue: Securities Commission Malaysia Building
  • Online Venue: YouTube


The objective of the SCxSC GROW Fintech Conference 2023 was to shift the focus to the agriculture sector and raise awareness about AgTech trends. The event aimed to encourage discussions on emerging technology-driven financial innovations and solutions in the agriculture sector. The Securities Commission Malaysia (SC) sought to leverage alternative financing support to foster the growth of the nation’s agriculture industry.


The SCxSC faced several challenges while organizing the conference. Firstly, they needed to ensure a seamless transition from their traditional focus on FinTech to a new emphasis on AgTech. Additionally, the event had to be executed as a hybrid format, accommodating both physical and virtual attendees. The organizers also aimed to incorporate environmentally sustainable practices into the event while minimizing the use of printed marketing collaterals.


SCxSC GROW Fintech Conference 2023

To execute the SCxSC GROW Fintech Conference 2023, the SC engaged Above Creative Events (ace) as the event manager. ace provided a comprehensive range of services:

  • On-ground event management
  • Virtual event management
  • Live streaming & broadcasting
  • Video production
  • Social media marketing management
  • Event conceptualisation & creative design creation
  • Audio & lighting solutions
  • Registration management
  • Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) marketing
  • Speakers management
  • Emcee management
  • Post-event reports
  • Live technical support
  • Printing production
  • Stage management
  • Photowall production
  • Photography & Videography services
  • Licensing purchasing
  • Launch gimmicks
SCxSC GROW Fintech Conference 2023

The SCxSC GROW Fintech Conference 2023 incorporated several noteworthy highlights. To streamline the registration process and enhance the attendee experience, iPad registration was implemented at the SCxSC GROW Fintech Conference 2023. Utilizing iPad devices, the registration management team efficiently checked in participants, capturing their details digitally and reducing waiting times, ultimately ensuring a smooth and hassle-free registration process for both physical and virtual attendees.

The event embraced environmentally friendly practices by utilizing recycled fabric wristbands. In collaboration with Kloth Cares, the SC set up fabric recycling bins to ensure the proper disposal of wristbands. 

SCxSC GROW Fintech Conference 2023

The launch gimmick featured potted plants and animations displayed on LED screens, with pedestals crafted from repurposed plywood, demonstrating a commitment to sustainability. The digital marketing efforts were particularly effective, with a strong focus on SC’s Facebook

and LinkedIn platforms. By leveraging these social media channels, the event eliminated the need for printed marketing collaterals and reduced the event’s environmental footprint.


SCxSC GROW Fintech Conference 2023

The SCxSC GROW Fintech Conference 2023 attracted a total of 800 physical attendees and 1,000 virtual attendees. The event successfully achieved its objectives by shedding light on AgTech trends and facilitating discussions on technology-driven financial innovations in the agriculture sector. The shift in focus to alternative financing support for agriculture provided valuable insights to policymakers, innovators, investors, and financial services providers.

You can watch the full event at …

The event’s eco-friendly initiatives, including the use of recycled fabric wristbands and digital marketing, exemplified the SC’s commitment to sustainable practices and left a positive impact on the participants and the environment.

Overall, the SCxSC GROW Fintech Conference 2023 demonstrated the Securities Commission Malaysia’s dedication to fostering the growth of the agriculture sector through the utilization of digital solutions. The successful execution of the event and the valuable discussions it facilitated positioned the SC as a key player in driving innovation and financial support for the agriculture industry.

SCxSC GROW Fintech Conference 2023

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