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As the capital market industry’s partner in learning and development, SIDC works hand in hand with the industry through consultations and collaborations to design, develop and deliver training programmes that raise the standard of participants and support market growth. At the same time, we provide strategic consulting services and industry insights, frequently partnering with government agencies and international organisations to carry out capacity building initiatives for market regulators and industry players.



The Sustainable and Responsible Investment 2020 virtual conference was held for 2 days from 25 to 26 August 2020, focusing on the capital market business developments relating to the SC Malaysia’s five-year roadmap that comprises five overarching strategies. Known as 5i-Strategy, it includes widening the range of SRI instruments, increasing the SRI investor base, building a strong SRI issuer base, instilling a strong internal governance culture and designing information architecture in the SRI ecosystem.

Prior to the attendees’ exclusive virtual experience, a.c.e team met the biggest challenges to come out with an innovative platform that is more favorable towards the concept of SRI 2020.

  • Difficulty Pre-event Discussion: Coordination required between the different departments and busy staff to deliver the event’s objective.
  • Poor Attendees Engagement: No interest in the platform for the returned attendees.
  • Distracted Event Participation: Messaging delivering and organization branding might easily lose track due to the contactless environment.
  • Unpredictable Targeted Attendees: A wide web traffic resulting in a loss of track on the potential attendees and revenue opportunities.


1. Visually Impressive Environment With New Platform Concept

With the aim to impress the returned attendees to the virtual platform, the a.c.e Creative Team had established a new virtual platform design. Unlike the previous artwork, the overall framework was focused more on urbanization. It had leveraged the virtual platform and presented a higher production value. Additionally, the green infrastructure was consistent with the theme of SRI 2020. The attendees were able to immerse themselves in a city design such as plaza, open spaces, public infrastructure, pathway, planting, and lighting. This had kept their attention to focus on the event content

2. The World Of Imagination With Green Screen Technology

During the conference session, a.c.e Team had applied the latest green screen technology and create unique personalized background images that increase the exposure of SIDC’s organization branding. During each discussion of every speaker, the attendees were able to enjoy the immersive experience within a memorable digitized image.

3. A Valuable Participation With CPE Points

To engage a higher sense of participation, the attendees can receive a total amount of 10 CPE points after their full attendance at the virtual conference. Upon logging in, a pre-assessment window was popped out at the Main Lobby. The attendees were given 30 seconds and above before they can teleport to the other room. Besides, the audiences need to complete the post-assessment as well after the conference. Then, the CPE points will be updated within 10 working days.

4. ROI Measurement To Access Event Success

At the end of the virtual conference, the attendees got to fill up the post-event survey for their website satisfaction. The a.c.e Team was responsible to determine, calculate, and analyze the ROI for SRI 2020. You know what? The ROI had given SIDC to trace the deeper insight into the targeted attendees to measure if the attendees love the event if the objective was delivered if the content gave the problem solution for the attendees.


A big thank you to everyone from SIDC and a.c.e Team who brought the huge success to SRI 2020. The virtual conference had built a visible presence in the B2C environment. The speakers and attendees’ feedback had proved the excellent services and virtual platform provided by a.c.e Team. More notably, the Q&A session had reached a massive response coupled with the rich discussion in social media. They had more engagement in the conversation with the speakers in the online setting.

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