About Shariah Investing Virtual Conference 2021

Bursa Malaysia Berhad, in partnership with CGS-CIMB Securities Sdn Bhd, will be organising its 2nd Shariah Investing Virtual Conference 2021 (“SIVC 2021”). The conference will provide a platform for industry leaders and capital market players to discuss the challenges, growth and opportunities for Islamic finance in 2021 and beyond.

Themed “Sustainability: Creating New Opportunities in Islamic Finance”, SIVC 2021 will discuss the profound impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and climate change on Islamic finance. Additionally, the conference will explore how the growing focus on sustainability and ESG principles will benefit the industry by providing opportunities for product and technological innovation.

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The Virtual Event’s Features

  1. Virtual Lobby

In the year 2020, the virtual event’s platform was well-designed with a visually powerful virtual lobby while offering a sense of professionalism. SIVC 2021 was completely upgraded with a brand new virtual lobby to deliver a stronger sense of value to virtual audiences. The commercially designed lobby had set the tone of the virtual conference for the upcoming discussion topics. Similar to the previous year, SIVC 2021 also had a Main Lobby, Plenary Hall, Networking Lounge, Infor Desk, Agenda, Survey, CPE Point-Post, Chatroom. The brand visibility was enhanced for the organizer, co-organizer as well as sponsors by having a few e-banners upon arrival at the virtual lobby.

  1. Virtual Agenda

The virtual audiences were able to plan their schedule ahead as the full event agenda was well-displayed on the virtual platform. The timings, speakers’ information, and relevant links were clearly marked. 

  1. Virtual Avatars

The virtual avatars help to replicate a life-like virtual environment to the virtual audience. SIVC 2021 had utilized this feature by having a few avatars throughout the virtual platform. Undoubtedly, the avatar-based virtual platform was successfully mirroring the interactions in an in-person event by increasing a sense of co-presence within the virtual audiences. This also led the virtual audiences to create a sense of connectedness and belonging towards SIVC 2021.

  1. Interactive Presentations

SIVC 2021 had a total number of 4 speaker sessions with 12 invited guests and speakers. All virtual presentations were broadcasted live through the virtual platform’s dial-in system. The virtual audiences were engaged with the speakers via live polling. A few questions were run on the screen in between each session to constantly capture the attention and ensure the valuable insights were well-learned. Each session was followed by a live Q&A session. It was a great way to reveal the virtual audiences’ interest and address the professional questions.

Results: Post-Event Connections

After the event, the post-event survey form and CPE-Point form were shared on the platform to gain critical feedback and helpful tips for future event improvement. 

This was the second time for SIVC to be conducted in a virtual format. There is no doubt that virtual events are a perfect way and more beneficial than in-person events under these uncertainties period. Good to know that SIVC 2021 had received overall positive feedback from the virtual audiences. SIVC 2021 had successfully reached the event goals beyond expectations. Moving on, SIVC 2021 is actively investing in the virtual platform to enrich the virtual features and more immersive virtual experience.

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