• Organizer: Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia
  • Date: 25-26 July 2023
  • Event Format: Virtual Event
  • Event Type: Conference
  • Online Venue: Hello Virtual Event Platform


  • Virtual event management
  • Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) marketing
  • Virtual event platform development & operation
  • Video production
  • Live streaming & broadcasting
  • Speakers management
  • Emcee management
  • Exhibitors management
  • Registration management
  • Website & microsite development
  • Event conceptualization & creative design creation
  • Post-event reports
  • Live technical support
  • Social media management


1. Environmental Impact

SSM National Conference 2023 was conducted virtually, attendees enjoyed the advantage of joining from the comfort of their homes, eliminating the need for transportation. This innovative approach significantly reduces the event’s carbon footprint, and additionally delivers a cascade of benefits for the environment, public health, ecosystems, and economies, fostering sustainability to building a greener and healthier future.

2. Cost Efficiency

The virtual event format embraced the expenses of travel, venue bookings, and catering. Attendees can seamlessly join from their respective locations. The organizer saved on the event logistics, as virtual platforms require minimal physical setup and maintenance. Furthermore, the reduced demand for printed materials not only trimmed additional costs but also champions environmental sustainability. These cost-saving advantages benefited the organizer to allocate resources more efficiently, and also attendees, who experience financial relief.

3. Inclusivity and Accessibility

The event featured a diverse array of speakers and panelists from various backgrounds, ethnicities, and genders, ease all participants accessed the conference without the typical challenges associated with physical travel. By breaking down barriers and embracing diversity, the conference embodied the principles of equal opportunity and social progress, setting a high standard for future industry gatherings to emulate.

5. Ethical Data Handling

We prioritized data privacy and security in the virtual conference, whereby all delegate databases and reports are meticulously encrypted with high-security protocols. This approach strictly adhered to all relevant regulations and best practices, fostering trust while serving as a strong safeguard for attendee data, especially in the virtual event landscape.



Themed “Shared Responsibility in Strengthening AML / CFT Compliance: Risks, Challenges and Collaborations,” the virtual conference successfully forged links between Social Responsibility, Ethical Investing, and Governance and Compliance. These connections established resilient, responsible practices aligned with sustainability goals, nurturing transparency and ethics in finance. Notably, the event attracted an impressive 2700 participants from the private sector, regulatory bodies, and law enforcement agencies, underscoring its significant impact and relevance.

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