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Since 1994, The SECURITIES INDUSTRY DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION (SIDC) is the leading capital market learning and development solutions provider for industry participants in Malaysia and the growth and emerging markets that include market professionals, company directors and regulators.

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Introduction of SRI 2021

The Sustainable and Responsible Investment (SRI) agenda has never been more critical and significant than it is today. The global pandemic, economic crisis and effects of climate change have demonstrated the need for leadership and change to drive the sustainability agenda in creating impactful long-term business strategies, sustainable economic growth and better climate. Investors have also shown a shift in their readiness and willingness to invest in companies that aim to build a better future for our planet and for the next generation.

Following on from last year’s theme on “Strategic Value of Sustainability” during the SRI 2020 virtual conference, this year’s conference will focus on the need for the Malaysian capital market to play a more aggressive role in paving the way for profitability through sustainability. This may be achieved by facilitating and supporting business development ideas and agendas that are geared towards green, social and sustainable investments that are both profitable and reflective of the strategic values of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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Objective of SRI 2021

The purpose of this conference is to help business leaders and policy makers recognise the challenges and opportunities posed by unprecedented changes in global market developments. It also aims to provide an important platform from which new ideas and actions are sprung forth in creating more sustainable and responsible businesses and markets that can make a positive long-term impact on society and the environment.

For the second consecutive year, SIDC had brought the SRI 2021, themed ”Paving the Way for Profitability through Sustainability” in the fully virtual conference format. The two half days intensive event was launched on June 16th, 2021. 

Event Highlights

  1. A visually rich virtual environment was designed to enhance the virtual experience for every visitor. A personal avatar was created and placed on the virtual platform to initiate the conversation with the visitors. He played an important role as the company representative by recreating the real situation in a business conference to solve visitors’ doubts. 
  1. There were over 43 speakers, emcee, and moderators invited to join fully remote from office or home due to the FMCO period. The agenda of every session was displayed on the platform for every visitor to arrange their schedule. All sessions were complemented with the engagement features, including Live Chat, Q&A, Polling, in which all attendees can interact together, share knowledge, and exchange value. The virtual conference was hosted a number of educational resources including videos and documents. The attendees could save them into the Briefcase and download them later. 
  1. In the year when meeting up in person is unlikely to happen, SIDC had the special idea to send warmth to the delegates. The giveaway of the Grab voucher code was complimented to all delegates during the conference as the coffee break treats.   


Since the pandemic, SIDC understand that the conference must take place. Following last year’s success, the quick answer that came to their mind was the Virtual Event. The performance of the virtual conference was supported by the detailed report. SIDC were pleased as the event recorded more than 1,000 attendees across the globe. Prior to working with , SRI 2021 had achieved the next level of milestone. 

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