In a new world environment characterised by evolutionary change and revolutionary impact, business foresight thinkers sense that we are moving into a completely new business world era that requires new mind-sets and strategies that can adapt to a whole new way of doing business where only those brands that can adopt new ideas and adapt to changing political, economic and business landscapes will surge ahead of their competitors.

Business Foresight Forum (BFF) 2020, themed “Evolutionary Change to Revolutionary Impact – Reimagining a New World Post Covid-19” organized by Securities Industry Development Corporation (SIDC), have considered the key elements and drivers of the industry digital evolution and assess its revolutionary impact to economies, business practices, investors attitudes, and society.

The purpose of this conference is to help business leaders and policymakers recognize the challenges and opportunities posed by unprecedented changes in global market developments and work together in responding to them not just in terms of corporate profits and purpose, but more importantly now, how capital market businesses can make a positive long-term impact on society and the environment.

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SIDC BFF 2020 is a two days annual paid forum, happening on 18TH – 19TH November 2020. Without a doubt, COVID-19 has stirred and shaken the global economy to its core, BFF 2020 has decided to pivot to a virtual conference. While the a.c.e Team was previously well-known with the virtual conferencing tools, SIDC wanted to reach the attendees as much as possible. Also, they would like their virtual event to offer an exclusive virtual experience rather than just a virtual event platform.

The a.c.e Team need to focus on some points in order to fulfill their objectives:

  • Making effective use of virtual event features
  • Encouraging event participation and getting engaged
  • To fully deliver the event understanding
  • Capturing the high-volume database



1. Virtual Event Platform With Full Virtual Event Features

The team worked closely with SIDC in the 2 days virtual forum. The 2 days virtual event platform was built up with features, including Main Lobby, Plenary Hall, Networking Lounge, Info Desk, Agenda, Briefcase, Evaluation, and Pre-Assessment. To ease the use of the features, SIDC made use of the platform with the customized representative avatar to greet the guests at Main Lobby, Networking Lounge, and Info Desk. In moving into virtual, SIDC prioritized the live user-experience for the speakers and attendees. There was a pop-up quiz on-screen during the intervals to allow the seamless interaction between the speakers and attendees.

2. Key Takeaways With CPE Points

You might wonder how the event reached the most attendees while not losing track of delivering the objectives? SIDC BFF 2020 made this happen by offering the Continuing Professional Education (CPE) points. The attendees could fulfill their CPE Points by fully joining the interactive presentation, even filling up the post-assessment survey form. This ensured the user experience in the Q&A session and polling session. To maximize the event value, BFF 2020 allowed their attendees to access the important materials later, which means all the presentations were downloadable after the event.

3. In-House Services With Professional Production Services

The a.c.e Team was pleased to get full supports from SIDC. The event registration ran smoothly with the virtual platform. The a.c.e platform was able to capture the key details and attendees’ demographics. For more than 10 speakers with a few concurrent sessions at a time in BFF 2020, the a.c.e Team has engaged the strong production team to connect all the speakers virtually from different places. The overall event process, speakers management, and attendees management were incredible.

What’s more? The event emcee was invited to the studio to moderate the event with a green screen. This showcased the event branding with the rich visualization in the background to engage all the attendees.

4. Leverage Insights With Proved ROI And Reporting

The success of BFF 2020 was proved with the event registration, engagement rate, feedback responses, and more. The a.c.e Team has offered BFF 2020 the post-event report, that was shown in the virtual event platform pop-up system to prompt guests to actively join the surveys and forms. An overall high satisfaction rating with positive feedback was captured. Specifically, the high ratings were found in the ease of platform access as well as the valuable contents. These key insightful reports gave BFF 2020 a clearer way to follow up with their potential attendees and to manage their business partners for their coming event.


SIDC was happy with the great success of BFF 2020. The high performance of BFF 2020 to turn the annual conference into a virtual conference, yet delivering a real-life conference experience for the speakers and attendees. Moreover, the event would be able to fulfill the event objectives while spreading branding globally.

For the few events, SIDC engaging with the a.c.e platform, the cost-effectiveness, and global reachable were the most attractive factors of the virtual event. It saved the costs in terms of flights, hotels, meals, and venue.

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