• Organizer: UNDP B+HR ( Business and Human Rights)
  • Date: 25th October 2023
  • Event Format: Conference
  • Event Type: Hybrid Event
  • Venue: Parkroyal Collection, Kuala Lumpur
  • Online Venue: YouTube

Objective: To promote the implementation of the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs) by fostering dialogue among leaders, government bodies, business entities, and civil society.


1. Hybrid Event Infrastructure Setup: Physical Venue Preparation & Digital Platform Management

The hybrid format of our conference was a crucial aspect of our ESG strategy. By live streaming on YouTube, we reduced travel emissions significantly, adhering to environmental considerations. Our digital approach fostered a paperless environment, further reducing our ecological footprint.

Socially, the hybrid format increased accessibility, allowing global participation. This inclusivity fostered diversity, as individuals who might face challenges attending in person could still engage virtually. The virtual elements of our conference facilitated broader knowledge sharing, enhancing the impact of the information presented.

From a governance perspective, the hybrid format demonstrated adaptability and effective risk management, key elements of good governance. Ensuring data privacy and security on our virtual platforms was paramount, and we adhered strictly to data protection regulations, implementing robust security measures to safeguard sensitive information.


2. Implementation of Sustainable Practices: Synthetic Badges

Our focus on sustainability was evident right from the attendees’ badges. We chose synthetic paper for these badges, made from polypropylene or high-density polyethylene, to avoid the deforestation associated with traditional paper. This decision also aligned with our goal of reducing resource consumption. The synthetic paper used was more durable, extending the lifespan of the badges, and was recyclable, supporting waste reduction and a circular economy.

The water resistance of synthetic paper eliminated the need for lamination, further reducing resource use. Importantly, the production process involved fewer chemicals, enhancing environmental safety and aligning with our commitment to a lower carbon footprint. This choice also had a social impact, as it promoted health and safety in the manufacturing process, aligning with social responsibility considerations.


2. Inclusivity and Accessibility Measures: Sign Interpretation

Inclusivity was a core value of our event. We provided sign language interpretation throughout, demonstrating our commitment to social inclusion and equality. This effort ensured equal access for individuals with hearing impairments, embodying our dedication to universal accessibility. By respecting the rights of all participants, we reinforced the importance of human rights and diversity.

The inclusion of sign language interpretation also had a broader community impact, demonstrating our commitment to social responsibility and aligning with the broader goals of ESG to promote positive societal change.


The event was a milestone in promoting human rights in business, executed with a strong emphasis on sustainability, inclusivity, and technological integration. Despite the challenges, the event successfully set a benchmark for hosting meaningful and impactful hybrid conferences.

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