Department of Environment (DOE) was established under the Ministry of Environment and Water, responsible for pollution-controlling, conserving, and sustaining the environment, based on the Environmental Quality Act 1974. In response to the ozone layer depletion, DOE implements resolutions to ensure sustainable development in the process of nation-building and promote the well-being of global life.

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International Ozone Day is celebrated across the world on 16th September every year by 197 countries which are parties to the Montreal Protocol. It is an important day to recognize the principal aim in protecting the ozone layer by taking measures to control total global production and consumption of substances that deplete it.

Amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, World Ozone Day (WOD) 2021, themed “Montreal Protocol – Keeping Us, our Food and Vaccines Cool” was organized fully virtually on 29 September 2021.

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DOE partnered with the a.c.e dedicated team to carry out the seamless virtual event experience. a.c.e was able to implement the dedicated strategic project management, including the speakers management, exhibitors management, platform management, reporting, and much more to support the event.

Let’s take a tour of the WOD 2021’s virtual platform to see how interactive are the features that offered a full-scale production strategy and elevated production to bring the event success.

  1. Fireside Chats

WOD 2021 broadcasted a mix of pre-recorded and live content on the virtual event platform. To ensure smooth and high production quality, the a.c.e team coordinated with the speakers with technical briefing notes. There were multiple sessions throughout the webinar which consists of speaker sessions, panel discussions, live polling, as well as Q&A sessions. All the webinar contents were available to recap even after the event. 

  1. Exhibition Hall

WOD 2021 had included an exhibition hall with nine virtual booths where the virtual audiences could connect with the industry experts via Live Chat and Namecard Collection. The virtual sponsors and exhibitors got to showcase their company information and services. The contents in both the Gallery and Brochure were accessible for the virtual attendees and downloadable at the Briefcase. The virtual booths proved the high value of the technology investment as there were higher booth participation and exhibitors engagement reported.

  1. Leaderboard

DOE was trying to create a fun and exciting environment throughout the event. Therefore, WOD 2021 used the gamification element –  “Catch The Logo”. A leaderboard was placed on the platform and the virtual attendees could have their names on it. The feature had successfully served as a way to create buzz and boost brand awareness.

  1. Networking Lounge

WOD 2021 was giving out Grab vouchers at the Networking Lounge for virtual audiences to show up and participate. Providing food vouchers at webinar led to a sense of appreciation and generate personalized interactions. It also acted as an incentive for the speakers and team for their hard work.

  1. Back-end Analytics

WOD 2021 developed a microsite to include detailed event information, agenda, and event highlight. The registration button was clearly displayed to ease the registration process of the webinar. The Event Survey form was integrated in the virtual platform to collect instant feedback for each webinar session as well as at the end of the event. DOE was pleased with the back-end panel as they could track all these data to evaluate the success of the event. 

EVENT HIGHLIGHTS: Environmentally Sustainable Virtual Experience

The virtual lobby was the most impressive element to inspire DOE. The design raised the environmental consciousness which aligned with the event objectives of WOD 2021. In addition, the virtual platform built an immersive and diverse experience for the virtual audiences which well-replicated the in-person event’s look and feel.

Ultimately, WOD 2021 resulted in a huge success. Faris, the project officer of DOE has particularly emphasized the amazing works done by the a.c.e team, he says ”We just wish all the best for a.c.e team, we really happy with the event that managed by a.c.e. Hopefully, we can work together in the future.”

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