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Arachem (M) Sdn Bhd success lies in its commitment in consistently delivering quality products and services. Since our inception in 1990, we have evolved into a progressive company – renowned and highly respected as the country’s leading provider of the world’s most advanced scientific and engineering systems and equipment. We are also highly sought by the private sectors and government agencies for our up-to-date product knowledge and technical expertise. As the main marketer and service provider of cutting edge scientific and engineering product lines, Arachem continues to attract a diverse portfolio of clients involved in various industries, notably water and wastewater treatment, food and beverage, agriculture, aquaculture, animal health diagnostic, chemical manufacturing as well as pharmaceutical.

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Arachem’s annual dinner was a yearly affair to celebrate the company’s milestones, achievements and to send recognition and gifts. It was an important night to connect all the stakeholders, partners, vendors, senior management, and employees. It was also a special occasion where everyone could dress up their best, mingle around and enjoy the night after a year of hard work.

Arachem annual dinner for the previous years was hosted as the awards ceremony with a gala dinner physically. These on-ground dinner events did a wonderful job in terms of expanding exposure, building trust and strengthening the industry position. After all, everyone could enjoy the night with lovely meals, spectacular performances, exciting lucky draw sessions and end the day with glasses of amazing cocktails. 

As event organisers, we know that having an annual dinner isn’t an easy process. It requires plenty of planning and preparation in order to create perfection. Therefore, every single essence of the night will reflect the event’s success.

This year, Arachem Got Talent E-Annual Dinner was organized virtually on the 14th of January. Over 100 colleagues across the Arachem office joining the first-ever Virtual Annual Dinner. To be honest, there is not much difference in the preparation between physical and virtual annual dinners. They both have theme, emcee, event programme, entertainment, gamification and more. Being an annual dinner, Arachem wanted to preserve the sense of celebration and unity.

Still, Arachem Annual Dinner had utilized the event technology and make the night fun, engaging and memorable.


Arachem took their first approach to a.c.e in December 2021 to enquiry on their first-ever virtual event. They had plenty of ideas in mind but just need to some technical knowledge to transform the ideas to life. 

Creating a virtual show could be exciting and Arachem made used a.c.e virtual event platform by presenting unique lighting fixtures and stage design to welcome the special visual-impactful event. To create an appealing experience for the e-annual dinner, Arachem had arranged various activities and performances throughout the event programme. 

The opening ceremony started with the performances of Sand Art Animation and LED Dance. The attendees could enjoy the show that illustrated the company’s journey which kick-started the exciting vibes for the night. Part of the exciting agenda was the contest called “Arachem Got Talent”. They had the emcees give comments for the eight talent video showcases on screen and pick up one winner for the night. There were also two sessions of trivia games, named “History of Arachem” and “Detective Mode On” and the winners would be found on the leaderboard.

In addition, they had conducted the Best Photo Contest. The instruction guide was in the video format and input in the Virtual Lobby. All the attendees were qualified to join the contest by taking their best photos at the virtual photo booth. The voting was available in the Swag Bag and the most iconic photos with the most likes at the end was eligible to win the contest. Also, there were four sessions of Grand Lucky Draw in between the agenda. The prizes included Apple Watch, travel voucher, Panasonic blender, Marshall speaker and more. What cannot be missed was the Long Service Awards Ceremony. It was a precious moment for the staff to be recognised for their years of service. 


a.c.e’s virtual event platform received plenty of positive feedback, from Arachem and the attendees alike. The flexibility and diversity had ensured a sense of inclusivity. The e-annual dinner showed a high engagement with the attendance, nominations, and votes.

All in all, the e-annual dinner achieved another piece of tremendous success across Arachem’s journey. It was a fresh experience and markedly, Arachem accomplished an innovative milestone in a high-growth global market.

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