Y.O.U is a renowned beauty brand launched in 2018 that offers advanced and trendy beauty solution to empower women globally to be extraordinary. Developed using advanced technology that adheres to international standard, Y.O.U offers a wide array of beauty products including cosmetics and skincare.

With its’ tagline “Long-lasting Beauty”, Y.O.U supports every individual to love themselves and be confident in discovering their greatest potentials, presenting the best version of themselves!

Know more at http://youbeautymy.ctcin.bio/


Y.O.U Beauty was welcoming their very first virtual event with Watsons on 4th June 2021. The event was posted on Y.O.U Beauty as well as Watsons official Facebook page to invite the public to join the festive . 


Y.O.U Beauty and Watsons had been streaming make-up tutorials and workshops on social media channels since the pandemic. With this virtual event, Y.O.U Beauty dived into the digital world and set up a cohesive space where they could host a few sharing talks, engagement activities, and products showcase, as well as create a new revenue stream. 

The virtual event aimed to accomplish the following objectives:

  • Host engaging virtual sessions and demonstrate the beauty techniques.
  • Encourage networking and connections with beauty consultants.
  • Showcase informative beauty products and offer promotional prices.


  1. Beauty Hall

The virtual event had an exhibition hall with 7 interactive booths, which consisted of Y.O.U Beaty Bar, Y.O.U Skincare, Y.O.U Bestsellers, About Y.O.U, Fans of Y.O.U, and Y.O.U Cosmetics. The participants could visit the hall and find the booth they were interested in, and know more about the beauty products. The virtual booth featured the Live Chat where the participants could connect with the beauty experts and get the questions answered in real-time. 

  1. Gamification & Leaderboard

To boost the event vibes, Y.O.U Beauty integrated interactive gamification on the virtual event platform. The Beauty Hunt game was a game to collect the beauty products into the basket. The participants who catch the most would have their names ranked on the leaderboard and stand a chance to win exciting prizes.

  1. Cash Voucher

All the participants received an RM5 Watsons cash voucher upon registration. The participant simply had to click on the Cash Voucher to look for the code. The Shop Now button on the  Beauty Hall was a brilliant idea to ease the action of purchasing Y.O.U Beauty’s products.


Y.O.U Beauty was able to extend its reach to attract more beauty lovers to join the festive. They also see a high level of engagement across the booths and received great registration metrics. They were pleased with the overwhelmingly positive feedback received. With the detailed report, Y.O.U Beauty had made use of the data and analyzed them to notice the interesting trends. Partnering with a.c.e, Y.O.U Beauty had successfully furthered the conversations by hosting two virtual sharing sessions – Y.O.U Beauty FB Live with Emely Poon & Y.O.U Beauty Live with Fazs Faozi: Eye-Catching Moments with Y.O.U on their official Facebook page.

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