Family Day


  • Organizer: KL-Kepong Berhad
  • Date: 10 December 2022
  • Event Format: Physical Event
  • Event Type: Family Day
  • Venue: Bukit Kiara


KLK Oleomas is a leading global sustainable oleochemicals company that produces a wide range of natural-based chemicals and derivatives. The company values the importance of family and work-life balance among its employees. Hence, they organized a family day event to foster stronger relationships between employees and their families.

  • To foster stronger relationships between employees and their families.
  • To create a fun and engaging environment for employees and their families.
  • To encourage team-building and collaboration among employees and their families.
  • To promote work-life balance among employees.


The main objective of the KLK Oleomas Family Day was to provide an opportunity for employees and their families to bond, have fun, and engage in team-building activities. The event was designed to cater to the interests of employees and their families of all ages.


  • On-ground event management
  • Event conceptualisation & creative design creation
  • Audio & lighting solutions
  • Stage management
  • Photography & videographer services
  • Photowall & instant photo booth setup
  • Entertainment performance
  • Emcee management
  • Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) marketing
  • Licensing purchasing
  • Video production
  • Food & beverages
  • Opening gimmick
  • Team building games
  • Transportation & logistic


The event was well-received by employees and their families and provided a memorable experience for all.

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