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“Licence To Win” campaign is an annual shopping campaign organised by Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd. On 23 August 2019, Licence To Win 2019 (LTW 2019) was launched at the city’s Sentul Depot and the campaign ran from 1 August to 31 January 2020. Under the campaign, every shopper who spent RM250 in a single receipt at any dining or retail outlet at all international airports was eligible to submit a contest entry. The unveiling of the McLaren 570S Coupé at the launch party had successfully marked the launch of LTW 2019.

The grand finale of LTW 2019 was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Does MAHB reconsider the event format to pivot the LTW 2019 Grand Finale from physical to virtual format?

Of course! A.c.e had conducted an emergency meeting with MAHB once the Movement Control Order was first imposed nationwide. The team had set up several brainstorming sessions to develop the strategies for the virtual gambit that deliver the event objectives. Unfortunately, the virtual LTW 2019 was turned down to achieve the best possible results.

Event Objectives

  1. Creating a sense of rewarding shopping experience and their presence during the appreciation evening.
  2. Boosting the event’s sustainability by integrating innovative digital tools and equipment.
  3. Driving the exciting ambience that aligns with the event theme and leaves a positive impression on MAHB.
  4. Putting everyone together in the lunch-and-learn session fosters relationships and communications.


Several meetings were conducted over the past two years to give an idea of running the LTW 2019. In 2022, physical events were starting to pick up again. Even though the ​​scepticism of a fully physical event was still present, MAHB remained the trailblazer to embrace the challenges faced. Taking over the Astor Ballroom at The St. Regis Kuala Lumpur, MAHB welcomed the LTW 2019 on the 16th of March. 

a.c.e took an advantage of the exclusive venue to transform it into a racing car environment. a.c.e have been known to use LED display and projection lighting that added memorable features to the event. With an LED display, the event backdrop was well displayed on the stage’s screen. The event programme and promotional messages were placed on the side projector screens which captivate the attentiveness of the VIPs. In addition to enhancing the event vibe, the event name and racing flags were projected and moved around the walls. It was the perfect viewing angle around the ballroom. In comparison to the past traditional signage, MAHB played an environmentally sustainable role to reduce printing, costs and resources while going digital. 

There were five gaming seats with five iPads placed on the stage. The bonus price, Ducati Monster 821 Superbike and the grand price, McLaren 570S Coupé were placed in front of the stage. The event started with the opening speech and opening performance of a flashback video from MAHB, followed by the Gameplay. It was the most exciting moment when the five finalists were invited on stage to reveal the prize winners for the night. VIPs to announce the target time, while the participants would click on the stopwatch on the respective iPads. The closer the target time would win the grand prize. The atmosphere was very warm with the fanfare music and celebration lighting while watching the results that were displayed on the stage screen. The brand new McLaren 570S offered as the grand prize winner of LTW 2019 was won by 25-year old Jason Goh. 

The grand finale was remarkable with the final itinerary, the refreshment prepared by The St. Regis Kuala Lumpur. Foods bring people together. The delicious buffet exceptionally well highlighted the grand finale and left a fantastic experience for the guests. It also gets the guests to know that MAHB appreciates and cares for the passengers and shoppers.  


According to the MAHB senior GM of commercial services Hani Ezra Husin, there was a record of a 27% increase in LTW 2019 entry, with sales receipts surpassing RM178 million in sales. a.c.e would like to thank all the parties including MAHB, supported partners and vendors for the extensive efforts throughout the years in planning the smooth grand event. MAHB was surprised that LTW 2019 was endearing with positive feedback and the guests were so ready to welcome their upcoming events. Along with the successful LTW 2019, MAHB would continue to improve their services that promote customer loyalty and comply with the innovative technology to reach a wider market.

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