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ABOUT SCLand Sdn Bhd

Established in 2004, SCLand Group is a real estate developer, covering impressive projects across Malaysia. Range from residential to commercial developments, SCLand has achieved a high reputation for its projects and would continue to pursue its vision of exceeding expectations, delivering excellent performance and quality-focused.

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Alcom Group Bhd, SCLand inputs the diversification into the property development business, by introducing Malaysia’s first e-commerce hub, EmHub. It is their maiden project, well-designed for all business needs with a 3-in1 functionality of storage, office space and showroom.

The six-storey EmHub Hub 1 (Phase 1) was launched in the first quarter of 2019 and 90% has been taken up. The preview launch of EMHub Hub 2 (Phase 2) was scheduled to be launched in April 2021.



Physical event has become the major challenge faced by the event industry since the pandemic. SCLand should take the social distancing into priority consideration to avoid any potential outbreak. There were also some precautions to take note of. For example, event management, space management, hygiene measures, catering management, guests management, live entertainment production and more. 

Preview Launch of EmHub Hub 2 provides a great occasion for SCLand and Alcom to meet and greet their stakeholders after the opening of Hub 1. It was also a great opportunity for them to attract potential clients. As the event organizer, SCLand wanted to have a more immersive experience where visitors could interact with each other very much.

In March 2021, SCLand took the initial approach to a.c.e. a.c.e stood out the most among other event managers as the team had accomplished such similar events. The preparation stage of the event was quite packed in just one short month. Assuredly, a.c.e had shared a great deal of event ideas and finally came out with an event list that fulfil the event objectives.


On 10th April 2021, SCLand successfully conducted the Preview Launch of EmHub Hub 2 at Emporis Kota Damansara. a.c.e was well-planned the event agenda with a variety of networking activities. 

The Photo Opportunity Wall played multiple roles during the event. To mark the preview launch event, the photo op. wall was customized with the logo backdrop where the guests were encouraged to take their branded photos.

It also acted as the event stage to welcome the opening ceremony, as well as the interview area to run some free and easy sessions. View the event highlight video at

Instead of a buffet service, the guests were served with the passed around Canapés Bites Butler & Wine by wait staffs at the party. This solution had minimized the contacts effectively.

Live Cooking Flambé Show by Celebrity Chef Yenni.
Interactive Live Band to boost a relaxed and happy atmosphere.

Understand that the ability to communicate face-to-face had been lost during the pandemic and people enjoyed the precious moment to see each other. a.c.e strictly followed the SOPs which had practised the social distancing measures.

The cocktail table arrangement was around 1 meter apart.
Multiple sanitizing areas were placed at the event venue to provide a hygienic environment for the visitor.
Usherette was holding the lollipop signage to remind social distancing.


Mr Ang, Executive Director, stated that the team was very undeniable well-organised, experienced and professional. a.c.e had also demonstrated the remarkable importance of SOPs to maintain social distancing. The management services by a.c.e were much appreciated by SCLand.

To create an engaging ambience for the event, the team would focus on the event schedule where the visitors could enjoy every aspect of the preview launch. All in all, the event attained pleasantly excellence.

View the event testimonial video at


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