Product Launches



Bursa Malaysia Berhad (Bursa Malaysia) launched the Public Listed Companies (PLCs) Transformation Programme on 02 March 2022 at Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur. Together with the programme launched, there were also five digital guidebooks were revealed to the market on that day. The event aims to support PLCs to achieve better financial performance and strengthen their growth strategies.


Bursa Malaysia had engaged a.c.e as their ideal partner for our proven services. To deliver a valuable event, the production teams jointly worked collaboratively, delivering the exclusive on-ground event management, crowd management, event conceptualization, sound and lighting productions, and live stream with video productions. 


We are so proud to witness the grand event with Bursa Malaysia. The event was facilitated with an effective agenda to ensure smooth delivery. The event was conducted through multiple sessions of the opening speech, presentations, the programme launch and press conference. The event backdrop and immersive videos were displayed on the LED screen, as well as the digital launch gimmicks, with all the VIPs on stage to mark the day. The event was also broadcasted to the official Facebook page of Bursa Marketplace. More than 200 guests attended the event physically with around 900 virtual attendees.

ABOUT a.c.e

a.c.e loves events, and we are a bunch of passionate event personnel with strong entertainment and production background, who input creative and technical proficiency in bringing events to life. People always called us the Magic Makers. We conceptualize and provide exceptional event implementation for GLCs, MNCs, and PLCs. We transform the imagination to life so that our clients can solidify their brand, and amplify their market. 

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