Prospectus Launches


Coraza Integrated Technology Berhad was founded in the year 2001, offering one stop services in manufacturing, product design and development, engineering and supply chain management. With over 21 years within the industry, Coraza is also well placed for the industries including semiconductor, aerospace, instrumentation and more. 

Two years ago, the realities of pandemic set in for the world. Impressively, Coraza archived high growth in the years 2022 and 2021. Besides, Coraza had successfully expanded many opportunities and scaled its business via multiple sectors. 


When it comes to investing, it was important for Coraza to react wisely in response to the challenging markets. The process of going public upon its initial public offering (IPO) listing on the ACE Market of Bursa Malaysia Securities Bhd indicated the value of Coraza in terms of market capitalisation. 

As a physical event was not recommended to hold yet in this phase, Coraza was focusing on the following factors that would lead them to outperform the market via the virtual prospectus launch.

  • Be well prepared to leverage the IPO opportunity.
  • Be transparent to the market.
  • Be experienced in the transformation.


Coraza Group Virtual Prospectus Launching Ceremony powered by a.c.e was a huge success, delivering on the promises on 22 December 2021 via Facebook Live & YouTube Live. The virtual production technology invested to showcase the prospectus launching created a seamless experience to manage investor relations and communications. In addition, the use of greenscreen in a.c.e studio throughout the event journey successfully presented the innovative role of Coraza to attract potential investors and analysts. 

Watch the full recording of the Coraza Group Virtual Prospectus Launching Ceremony at


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