• Organizer: Watsons Malaysia
  • Date: 25 – 29 November 2022
  • Event Format: Physical Event
  • Event Type: Roadshow
  • Venue: IOI City Mall, LG, Centre Court


In conjunction with the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, Watsons Malaysia mount a gathering at Watsons Men’s Fair 2022 x FIFA. There was a line-up of interactive games, giveaways and attractive deals in partnership with its exclusive brands, such as NIVEA Men, GARNIER, and GILLETTE. Not only to generate hype and excitement for the upcoming festive, Watsons wished to provide an enjoyable and interactive experience that appeal to diverse customers with different demographics and at the same time to increase customer engagement and loyalty. 


  • Balancing the interests of various brands involved in the event while ensuring they all received adequate exposure and promotion.
  • Dealing with the unpredictability of mall traffic and managing the flow of visitors during peak hours.
  • Ensuring that the event activities and promotions were attractive enough to generate significant footfall and sales.


  • Event management
  • Emcee management
  • Usherette management
  • Event conceptualization & creative design creation
  • Exhibitors management
  • Booth setup
  • Venue management
  • Part-timer management
  • Goodies bag management
  • Game stations management: Ball Dribbling, Ball Shooting, PS5 Station
  • Printing production
  • PA sound system service
  • Licensing purchasing
  • Decoration service


The Watsons Men’s Fair 2022 x FIFA event successfully achieved its objectives, as evidenced by the following results:

  • Increased footfall and sales for Watsons and its exclusive brands.
  • High levels of customer engagement and satisfaction, as evidenced by the positive feedback received from visitors.
  • Increased brand awareness and visibility for Watsons and its partners.
  • Successful execution of interactive games and giveaways, leading to increased customer engagement and loyalty.
  • A memorable and enjoyable experience for shoppers at IOI City Mall.

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