• Organizer: Watsons Malaysia
  • Date: 22 – 26 December 2022
  • Event Format: Physical Event
  • Event Type: Roadshow
  • Venue: Sunway Velocity, Level 1, V Boulevard


To generate an atmosphere that would generate the feeling of travelling abroad for the holidays during the Christmas season, as well as to promote the Watsons brand and create a positive image in the minds of customers.


The event planning team faced several challenges during the preparation phase. One of the main challenges was requiring a significant amount of planning and creativity to ensure that the event would stand out and attract shoppers. The team also had to ensure that the event was organized in a way that would not disrupt the shopping experience of other customers.


a.c.e incorporated elements of Hawaiian culture such as palm trees and sand on the Hawaiian backdrop to create a Hawaiian vibe. 

  • Event management
  • Emcee management
  • Usherette management
  • Event conceptualization & creative design creation
  • Exhibitors management
  • Booth setup
  • Venue management
  • Part-timer management
  • Goodies bag management
  • Printing production
  • PA sound system service
  • Licensing purchasing
  • Decoration service
  • Entertainment management: Calligraphy Tote Bag, Egg Toy Claw Machine


The Watsons Christmas Season Greeting attracted a large number of shoppers to the event. The event planning team demonstrated their creativity and attention to detail in creating an immersive Hawaiian experience for shoppers, which led to a successful event. The Hawaiian theme was well-received by customers, generating the feeling of travelling abroad for the holidays. The special promotions and mystery gifts were a hit with shoppers, increasing sales during the Christmas season. The event also helped to promote the Watsons brand and create a positive image in the minds of customers. The event planning team received positive feedback from shoppers and the Watsons management team, acknowledging their effort and creativity in executing the event.

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