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Love Earth Organic embarked on their journey back in March 2011. With a simple mindset of “We want to make this world a better place. We want everyone to be healthier.”, Love Earth thought they would be able to conquer the world. In the year 2011, Love Earth was created and started their first distributing outlet located on the 3rd floor of an office building without lift. Today, Love Earth are distributing to more than 1,000 outlets, trusted by more than 1,000,000 consumers, and sells 3 units every 1 minute. Love Earth appreciates each and everyone’s trust and believe in them.

Love Earth always focuses on their vision to make the mother place a better place, to be pollution-free and disaster-free by selecting organic and natural food products. 10 years after, the vision is more relevant than ever with the purpose to have all the family members stay healthy and be there for each other with tasty chemical-free food.


In March 2021, Love Earth Organic marked its tenth anniversary. The remarkable milestone allowed Love Earth to reflect on their achievements as a healthy food provider. Love Earth always focuses on their vision to make the mother place a better place, to be pollution-free and disaster-free by selecting organic and natural food products. 10 years after, the vision is more relevant than ever with the purpose to have all the family members stay healthy and be there for each other with tasty chemical-free food.

Ten years would not have been possible without any cooperation from the Love Earth communities, including Love Earth’s leaders, partners, vendors, and stakeholders to educate everyone to realize and maintain a healthy lifestyle by selecting a healthier choice in food. By focusing on Love Earth’s tagline, “Love Earth, Love Life, Love Organic”, they aimed to strengthen their role in the global organic industry and raise the awareness of health Consciousness.

Love Earth Organic 10th Anniversary Virtual Celebration gathered all the healthy food lovers around the world who constantly sending support to the Company, to receive gratitude and appreciation from Love Earth. Although the event was open for people up to age 80, there were sessions predominantly for the age group from 30 to 50 to share their success stories with Love Earth.


An in-person event limits the event organizer to reach a diverse set of customers. The world was forced to embrace technology to drive a Company’s growth and raise awareness for business exposure amid mounting global challenges. Taking this opportunity, Love Earth aimed to increase their visibility and reach a broader network to build a wider clients’ database across races and demographics. Indeed, Love Earth need a solid solution to facilitate their virtual celebration and see how impactful it could be with the digital transformation.

In the year 2021 due to the COVID-19, Love Earth could no longer interact with their communities at any on-ground event space. A number of existing issues that had emerged to Love Earth in the planning process include firstly establishing the current contact of the world, secondly determining the anticipated future position in the next 10 years, and thirdly figuring out the important mechanisms to achieve the event objectives.

SOLUTIONS: Social Media Contest Series


The comprehensive event marketing strategy was mainly focused on online social media to approach the right target group. The virtual celebration started with the ”Why You Choose Love Earth”, a one-month video contest, followed by a series of online campaigns from July 10th to 19th and the winner announcement from July 20th to 29th on Facebook and Instagram. A total of 100 gift sets were sent out to 100 lucky winners within one week.

Word of the event was spread via Love Earth’s official website for the announcement and promotion of the event. The official Facebook event was created for public registration while keeping the communities to stay updated on the event details. It was one of the primary

tools for estimating the number of event attendees and boost the right event atmosphere. Working closely with the existing media company – Eat Pray Love’s Facebook, Love Earth was able to promote the event globally.

During Event

The technical equipment was tested several times to ensure smooth production progress. The event host and invited guests were requested to dial in virtually two hours before the event for the rehearsal to ensure the good quality of broadcast video and audio.

To ease the less tech-savvy consumers, Love Earth Organic’s 10th Anniversary Virtual Celebration was broadcasted on their Facebook page. The virtual celebration had invited the host, Zahamin Baki Zainal to launch the event with the “Love Gimmicks”. The event agenda includes several giveaways sessions, Share, Tag & Win contest to win up to RM27,000 worth of prizes, and interaction sessions with 23 key opinion leaders. The audiences could also interact with the Love Earth’s Chief of Growth, Chief of Inspiration, and Chief of Creation. There were also informative insights by Dr. Rachel Chew, Aesthetic Physician & Functional Medicine Practitioner, and Shirly Tiong, Pharmacist & Functional Medicine Practitioner, as well as an interactive session with the celebrity entrepreneur Wong Chui Ling, and instafamous chef Yatie Kitchen.


The following one month after the event is crucial for Love Earth to continue the engagement

with the attendees. A one-month campaign – Product Of The Day which only 100 units of

special items are available daily on Love Earth’s Facebook. The whole event

turned into a small profit to Love Earth Organic to generate quality leads.



As the event was aimed to gather healthy food lovers around the world and giving a chance for Love Earth to express gratitude to the supporters, the event achieved a positive atmosphere in spreading the health consciousness with healthy food products. An all-time record of more than 7,600 healthy food lovers attended the virtual celebration, with 730 likes and 55,000 interactions within 1.5 hours. There were pictures and videos being posted by the Love Earth’s committees, subscribers, and contest winners. 

A thank you-testimonial video from Samantha Mah, Chief of Inspiration of Love Earth built the confidence in a.c.e’s delivers. Watch the testimonial video here.

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