Virtual Events


  • Organizer: TYT1957 (Hong Yang Hoo)
  • Date: 20 August 2022
  • Event Format: Virtual Event
  • Event Type: Online Course
  • Online Venue: Zoom & Facebook


TYT1957 (Hong Yang Hoo) is Malaysia’s renowned herbal medicine supplier. Together with The Malaysia Book of Records, TYT Malaysia was doing a record attempt for the Most Participants in a Virtual Baby Massage Class in the Malaysia Book of Records. The virtual event aimed to promote its brand and products while providing a beneficial experience for new and expecting parents. Additionally, they aimed to emphasize the importance of baby massage in parent-child bonding and infant development.


The virtual event faced the challenge of ensuring that participants had access to the necessary equipment and a stable internet connection. Additionally, it was crucial to ensure that the demonstration was clear and easily understandable for all participants.


The virtual baby massage course was hosted by baby massage instructor Aunty June. Celebrities Inthira Kalanjiam and Eyra Hazali also assisted in the step-by-step demonstration. The course emphasized the importance of baby massage in promoting parent-child bonding and infant development, and TYT Herbal Medicated Oil was recommended for use during the massage due to its calming scent and effectiveness in relieving stress and body tension.


TYT Malaysia’s Virtual Baby Massage Course brought together 399 participants, setting a new record for the Most Participants in a Virtual Baby Massage Class in the Malaysia Book of Records. The virtual event achieved remarkable success and showcased TYT Malaysia’s commitment to innovation and dedication to promoting the well-being of families across Malaysia. Participants reported a better understanding of  TYT Malaysia’s brand and products with a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

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