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10 Annual Dinner Themes for Your Next Event

Annual Dinner happens once every year. Most of the organizations conduct annual dinners as appreciation towards their employees for their hard work and dedication. It is also a perfect time to capture precious moments and memories with colleagues. 

Consequently, instead of having a simple, boring setting for your company’s annual dinner, why not transform it into a themed incentive? With 10 annual dinner theme ideas, let’s make your event a memorable night, giving you the inspiration you need.

  1. The night of Las Vegas

You can enjoy a strong 007 vibe through this Night of Las Vegas theme. Night of Las Vegas themes include aspects like parlor games, sophistication, poker cards, poker chips, roulette and etc can be implemented in a variety of ways. 

Besides that, you are supposed to use your imagination to create unique VIP dinner menus, invitations, table settings, picture booths, and mystery games like fortunate draw tickets, casino-style games, and secret agent challenges! Get everyone dressed in suits, black ties, high heels, gowns as well as decorate your dinner setting with casino-themed patterns and cryptic design. 

  1. Harry Potter

At your next Annual Dinner event, adopt a magical witch and wizard setting, utilize a magician’s cape or even the hat of wizard as inspired by JK Rowling’s well-known Harry Potter series. 

Brooms, fake owls, thick ancient books, potions, and candles are the themed props that can add to the strange feel of the wizarding world. Retro fonts can be used on menus, backgrounds, and invitation cards in order to match with this enchanted yearly dinner theme concept.

  1. Neon Nights

Traditional event lighting is elevated by neon party themes. Adding neon colors to the dark area to give the typical nightclub experience a twist. Although plenty of candles and glittering chandeliers are familiar to guests, neon lighting is finding new and inventive ways to shine. 

For instance, you can utilize light sticks as bracelets, paint mugs in neon, and have a centerpiece of vibrant balloons. You can also consider from neon catering trays and glow-in-the-dark instruments to uplit flower decoration and LED dance floors. 

  1. Old-school Disco

Organize an annual old-school disco night meal for your company and travel back in time to the 1960s and 1970s if you are eager to remember the good old days. 

The planning and execution for a successful Old-School Disco Annual Dinner are simple to run. As long as you have a colorful backdrop, a large dance space, as well as some vintage props like old phones, vintage record player to decorate the photo booth or dining table. Additionally, display a disco light in front of the dance space to show off the dazzling atmosphere. 

  1. Back to School

Even though most people don’t always think of school as a fun time, you can get high marks with this party theme because of the tributes to the past. Set up cafeteria-style tables and seats with old writing desks to act as seating in the area.Pen holder, book stacks, stationary and blackboard decorations are all examples of low-cost decoration. 

Additionally, traditional school snacks can be provided in retro bags as a nostalgic touch. Then give each guest a swag bag, which is a backpack stuffed with gifts. 

  1. Secrets Garden

Use hedgerows, moss, leaves, flowers, tree stumps, and imitation grass carpeting to bring the feelings of outdoors for this theme. To evoke the feeling of a secret garden, construct arches out of branches and embellish them with blinking lights and butterflies. 

Gilded framed mirrors and lavish chandeliers can be added for an extra unique touch to create a fanciful and enchanted environment. Offer a flower-arranging tutorial or let attendees create their own floral crowns to wear throughout the annual dinner. By using lit candles or LED lights to create the illusion of a secret garden, you may also improve the ambiance of your dinner party.

  1. Hawaii Paradise

Get ready for a Hawaii theme annual dinner for your next event! Hawaii Paradise theme leans towards leisure, bringing a refreshing change from working in urban office space to dining in a tropical natural setting. 

As Hawaii is frequently mentioned as the ideal holiday spot, you are suggested to decorate with some necessary items for your Hawaii Paradise such as seashells, tropical fruit, skateboards, beach balls, traditional Hawaiian music, ukulele, drums, etc. In addition, be ready with some flower necklaces and t-leaf skirts to help you get in the mood. 

  1. Underwater World

Based on the theme, blue and white colors are essential. These hues are complemented with elements of gold and silver to make the occasion even more grand. Blue lights definitely make you feel like dining under the sea! 

For table centerpieces, use tall candlesticks decorated with shells, fake starfish, seaweed streamers, and pearls. For dishes, use miniature mason jars filled with sand. Underwater World is always the popular company annual dinner theme idea and you can never go wrong. 

  1. Carnival

A carnival offers a wide variety of entertainment options such as rides, games, and performances. Create a big-top tent-like environment by using creative striped archways or a tent structure no matter if it is outdoor or indoor. 

Fill the area with booths selling fair fare like popcorn, cotton candy, and fried treats. Decorating with vivid and bold patterns as well as colors like polka dots. You are allowed to equip the photo booth with decorations like red noses, beard, wired glasses, etc. 

  1. Jungle Safari

Theme of Jungle Safari provides an outlook on the tropical concept by introducing a little extra adventure. By decorating the venue with colorful animal prints like giraffes, lions, zebras, leopards, etc, you can take your visitors on a nighttime adventure. 

In addition, you are highly recommended to put paw prints on the ground to serve as navigational signage as visitors enter the area and play animal noises as well as the sound of the wild for a fun safari night. Besides that, ask your employees to dress in safari-style headgear, binoculars and khaki outfits. This may not be the norm for annual dinners but definitely a relaxing night!

Employees are the foundation of every single company as without them it would be difficult for a business to progress and expand. Organizing a company annual dinner with an attractive way to let employees feel more appreciated. We hope that these 10 annual dinner theme suggestions will help you with your dinner plans. It doesn’t matter if the topic you pick is easy or difficult as long as you and your coworkers enjoy yourselves!


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