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7 Quick Tips to Make Your Company Conference More Interesting

“To be or not to be, that is the question.” 

You’ve likely heard this quote before, that’s the phrase from William Shakespeare.

Well, in the event industry, we have a similar line:

“To go, or not to go, that is not the question.”

In the past two years, virtual events have proven their effectiveness of digital transformations to business longevity. It is a core tool to continue connections among your partners, employees, and communities. The way of communications and our working styles are significantly changed. 

Here’s the problem: People love physical interactions, only the pandemic forced us to adopt and adapt to the video conferencing tools. After all, we have Zoom, Webex, MS Teams, or other online platforms. As of today, Malaysia has already allowed the reopening of social events. Things went complicated whether we are 100% ready back to the physical events or if the virtual events are here to stay. 

As conference experts, we can tell that the trend is vary based on the following factors: health concerns, travel restrictions, cost budgeting, as well as flexibility. Just when we are trying to figure out the best way for these whole things, something not-so-new is coming more and more – the Hybrid Conference.

Why Hybrid Conference?

The answer is crystal clear. For most people, technology is not something we give a second thought to, but some people literally can’t live without it. While the past year has been a difficult time for the conference organizer, the accelerated digital transformation in the event industry delivers long-term success. The reason why Hybrid Conference work best for you is that it gathers the best things from the physical and virtual settings:

  1. Higher Reach & Engagement
  2. Higher Security
  3. Higher ROI

Most significantly, higher flexibility. So to-go, or not-to-go, is based on your decision.

7 Quick Tips to Make Your Company Conference More Interesting

It’s no longer virtual vs. physical. Two is better than one, and Hybrid is the one. In the world of hybrid conferences, how to make yours stand out of the crowd. Sharing with you the 7 quick tips to make your company conference more interesting.

1. Have everyone together

You have your audiences onsite, how about the virtual audience? Since you have your virtual event platform, utilize it as a central hub to connect all your audiences. Both your online and offline audiences could connect with one another, open conversations, and even build a community around your conference. So, do not forget to provide a meeting area for offline audiences to meet with the online audiences

2. Create shared experience

While onsite experience and virtual experience are distinct in many ways, make sure to involve the remote audiences in all activities. Think about setting up live polls and Q&A sessions to have everyone vote. Include the breakout sessions that allow your audiences to self-schedule meetings with speakers, exhibitors and discuss common interests on the specific topic.

3. Set expectations

Do not get your audiences lost in your event. Make sure the agenda with details like speakers’ and organizer’s profiles are clearly displayed for the onsite and virtual audiences so that they know where they should go during the event. The main hall when attending events, the plenary hall during the speaker sessions, the networking lounge when having breakout sessions. These apply to both audiences’ sides to enhance the sessions’ interaction.

4. Master the event

It is extremely essential to work with an experienced emcee. Having an onsite representative to kick off the event makes your brand looks professional and helps set the event tone. The emcee knows how to grab the attention of the virtual audiences and have some entertaining interactions.

5. Engaged with content

Have the speakers to use slides during their presentation. An extra bonus was added to use video and music to convey the important message of the topics. Don’t mention the virtual audience, even you get frustrated for the poor video quality when you are spending your time on social media. Therefore, make sure you have included the onsite A/V team to ensure the quality of video production being played.

6. Upgrade the networking opportunity

Invest the features like gamification on the virtual event platform. Despise being remote, the virtual audience can enjoy the fun activities. Some examples of games like Catch-The-Logo, Spin The Wheel, or Bingo. You can also include the leaderboard which helps to drive excitement among the audiences.

7. Host a Giveaway

Just because part of your event went online doesn’t mean you can’t send gifts out. You may send swag bags, gift boxes, and food vouchers.  This is especially important when coming to hybrid conferences to reward your audiences for their participation, as well as to boost event buzz and brand exposure. 

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