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7 Tips To Host A Virtual AGM

Annual general meeting (AGM) is the yearly meeting of the general membership of an organization, including associations and companies with shareholders. The meeting might be required by law, institution, charter or law governing itself. At the AGM, the directors of the company will present an annual report containing information about the company’s performance and strategy information to the shareholders and encouraged to exercise their right to vote. 

Starting from 2020, COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the adoption of virtual events around the world, and that’s how virtual AGM is executed. Virtual AGM is the annual shareholders meeting exclusively online without a corresponding physical meeting, and shareholders can participate and vote online through a certified voting system by share registrar company. 

While the year 2021 is the definition of hybrid event, many of the organizations had decided to go for a hybrid AGM. It is the new form of a virtual meeting, using the best elements of the other two major forms of traditional AGM and virtual AGM which is in-person meeting with an additional option for shareholders to participate and vote online.   

If you are planning to host your first virtual or hybrid AGM, these are the must-read tips for you to host a successful virtual AGM. Have a look!

7 Tips To Host A Virtual AGM

1. Stable internet connection 

Nobody wants to enjoy a buzzing sound, connection unclear or pixilated video experience, don’t you? It is important to have a stable internet connection during the virtual AGM as it determines the stability of live streaming. A network speed of at least 10Mbps is required to ensure that your virtual AGM content runs smoothly. Imagine when you are watching a video but with the unclear sounds, you must be frustrated. Same goes to a virtual AGM, a strong internet connection ensures the shareholders to have a good video experience.

2. Green screen as virtual background

Green Screen is a visual effect technique that enables you to insert an image or video in the background. It conducts the virtual AGM with a highly professional look and staging of a studio broadcast with customised and brandable background. Through the green screen, virtual AGM will have the proper background that makes it look more formal, just like visiting a physical AGM. Not to mention, a green screen is the best tool to build company brand awareness. 

3. Send cue for the reminder 

Cue board is the reminder tool to help virtual AGM go on smoothly. An AGM often takes several hours to conduct. In this case, a cue board works for the organizer to give reminders on the screen from time to time to inform the chairman and board of directors what has happened, and understand where the meeting is going with. It eases the communication between the chairman, board of directors and organiser, so that there is no interruption during the live session. 

4. Microphone On/Off technical 

How do you make sure the message can be delivered to your audience? Normally, the organiser can select either wireless microphone, handheld microphone or handset. The audio system is part of the technical points of virtual AGM. To get a better sound quality, a better microphone type is suggested to the chairman and board of directors. Before the virtual AGM starts, the production team will test the microphone and double confirm if all the microphones are functioning well. During the live session, the audio system will be controlled by the production team to switch on or off the microphones. Therefore, if any of the board of directors is required to speak, the production team will let them know by cue board before unmute them. This is to avoid the sound looping in the virtual event. Of course, the production team will always observe the scene, in case if there is a problem, they can handle it quickly. 

5. Prepare event script 

Event script is like a map to guide everyone involved in the live session to go in the right direction during the virtual AGM. It lets the chairman and board of directors follow the agreed event flow and understand what is the next agenda. It keeps everyone on the same page as well as eliminates confusion and frustration. Do remember, time is money. The detailed event script helps to run a successful virtual AGM for the shareholders without any time drag.

6. Conduct a rehearsal run-through 

Not prioritising enough on rehearsals can have irreversible consequences on an event and the attendee experience. However, it can easily be avoided with careful planning and execution. To ensure the stability of the technology facilitation and any possible event scenarios, the organiser must arrange the rehearsal for the chairman and board of directors to practice and practice before the event day. The rehearsal includes the speaker presentations, live scene transitions, and event platform run through for shareholders’ participation, such as voting and Q&A sessions. During the event day, it is better for all chairman and board of directors to call in at least 30 minutes before the live session to make sure a good quality of broadcast video.   

7. Professional production team for execution

The production team provides the technology execution for the organiser to have a seamless experience for the shareholders. Engaging a production team allowed you to understand the technical controls and adjustment on the technology platform. Besides, you are encouraged to talk with your production team to understand the platform execution on online voting and polling. If possible, request your production team to be onsite with you to handle the technical problems. Always ensure the virtual AGM to also have a backup plan in terms of connection issues in case if the broadband connection drops out.


A smooth virtual AGM improves the communication’s quality between the company and shareholders as well as enhancing the company’s image. The key criterias of a virtual AGM allow the shareholders to ask questions, meet the directors, and also approve the accounts. As a virtual AGM may encounter barriers such as internet outages, technical problems, noise of voices, or even being interrupted by others when someone is speaking, read these 7 tips and your virtual AGM will be carried out successfully.

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