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Avoid Them: The Common Webinar Mistakes

A webinar is one of the most effective forms to reach broader prospects and build brand authority. Indeed, the successful webinar promotes company business.

83% of marketers find webinars effective even though only 41% of them participate or attend them. That is why 83% say that they plan on starting or joining webinars.Wyzowl

In the year 2021, webinars become a popular program for leads generation. In order to get a high-quality webinar, you’ll have to avoid these 5 common mistakes and what to do, instead.

  1. The Short Promotional Cycle

Too many businesses limit the webinar promotions to only one week before the event day. This is bad marketing which caused a reduction in overall attendance. Make sure you have taken full advantage of the marketing materials using emails, social media channels, and advertising spaces. Ideally, a 3 to 4 weeks marketing campaign draws positive attention to the webinar and drives excitement. Most people who sign up for a webinar won’t attend. Hence, do not stop promoting after the webinar is ended. By having the webinar recording, the on-demand webinar increases the value and attracts more registrations.

2. The Boring Presentation

You have prepared a slide deck with 100% informative content. Why does your audience ain’t remain on screen for its entire duration? There are too many reasons behind the worth nothing webinar:

  • Not being creative
  • Text-heavy
  • Unattractive visuals
  • One-way communication
  • Rely on the slide deck
  • Poor presentation skill 

“Less is more!” – Steve Job

Create a clean and dynamic slide using simple design elements that fit your topic. Here are some tools for you: Canva, Prezi, and Keynote, etc. Incorporating tools like Q&A, live polling, and live chat, the webinar provides two-way communication for higher engagement.

Remember, be a storyteller instead of a script reader. Telling a story helps to trigger emotion and make the content more memorable. Once you practice well, the webinar will be more conversational and you’ll have more connections with the audience.

3. Poor Audio-Visual Quality 

If you do not turn on the camera and remaining invisible, why are you still hosting the webinar? People joined the webinar to see you there present. Almost all of the quality complaints are about the video and audio. They can frustrate the audience and causing them to leave. Therefore, invest in a good video conferencing tool and a quality microphone to avoid your camera goes dark or any possible background noise.

4. Going Into Sales Pitch 

Making the webinar sales-y is the biggest mistake. People sign up for the webinar to learn new things, not to get a sales pitch. A webinar plays the role to provide valuable information and raise brand awareness. It serves as an activation point for the audience to start a conversation with you with the intellectual content. Then, you can move the leads further to the next phase of the sales process to close a big deal.

In another word, webinars are not about selling, they are about converting potential prospects to customers.

5. No Actionable Takeaways

Without a clear call-to-action, the webinar gets no result. Make sure the webinar has included the CTA buttons for the audience to download the webinar slide deck, visit the website, request for a demo, etc. Lead the end of the webinar with a new conversation with the follow-up plan. How are some action plans to increase the webinar’s conversion rates:

  • Recap with resources and notes
  • Rewatch the webinar recording
  • Provide additional information on the webinar’s topic
  • Send new offers

If you’ve prepared well, follow in steps, avoid these 5 common mistakes, your webinar is going to be awesome! Don’t waste every chance to get a higher ROI from the webinar. For more great tips to plan for a successful webinar, visit

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