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“Boss, Where is my Annual Dinner?”

The outbreak has dramatically changed human lives and relationships over the past year. It’s actually been a tough few months, Every single plan was postponed or even canceled – school, work, dates, social, sports, travel, and so on. All Malaysians were asked to stay at home, to stay healthy, and to stay safe. 

The MCO… It was initially scheduled for just 2 weeks. In spite of the fact that we haven’t been out since.

Work From Home

A year on, the office life has never been the same. We have no other option but to work from home. In a year of remote video meetings, the loss of WFH is big. Studies show that 87.3% of SMEs have agreed that more than 50% of their staff have stagnated at their productivity after MCO. The lack of personal interaction and social engagement has led to a low level of work productivity among the employees. For many, the passage of time felt distorted. When does the day begin and when does it end during WFH?

To All SMEs,

We believe that you and your employees have been working so hard to get through this crisis. The loneliness in the virtual pandemic office, the anxiety of the company’s uncertainties, and the sense of social distancing present the loss of focus on the Company’s vision and mission.

Fortunately, the technology has redefined the “social” and made it possible to gather all the partners, co-workers, and employees from afar. We have studied the Crisis Recovering Strategies, and have formulated the Key for your team to be “sitting” next to you and enjoy the meal together.

We called it the E-Annual Dinner.

E-Annual Dinner

“Food can bring people together in a way nothing else could.”

  • Yotam Ottolenghi

While we are looking forward for some happy hours with the team, this is where you can get everyone a distance dinner. Let’s figure out how can the digital innovation bring the entertaining party to your company!

#1 Engage an interactive platform

There are tons of virtual platforms that are available to support video calls. Here are the quick outline that’s worked. 

  • Zoom
  • Skype
  • Microsoft Team
  • Google Meet
  • Virtual Event Platform

So what we’re getting at? Choose the go-to platform as is as user-friendly as possible. Make sure you have choose a technology platform that automate your work progress – to send invitation link, track RSVPs, house the amount of people invited and support from any device.

After all, the only work you have to do is just cleaning up your own dishes.

#2 Plan a virtual gala program

How to make your annual dinner as much fun as it is? The theme, the games, the dinner. 

A well-chosen theme can be a great way to unite your team across shared food experience. The options of theme are endless. Here are some ideas for you:

  • Neon Glow
  • Circus Carnival
  • Back to 80’s Retro.
  • Airspace
  • Halloween Night
  • Red Carpet

You could also decide the theme based on colours and prepare a fancy meal with the theme colour. Or you might give a country name and prepare the local meal for your guests. With a little dose of imagination and creativity, you might have your E-Annual Dinner with the “Hollywood Glamour” theme, with a special “Oscars” menu and dress in “Black Tie”

Now, take your annual dinner to the next level. Create the itinerary with some fun activities and games. What about Lucky Draw, Virtual Scavenger Hunt, Spin The Wheel, Read My Lips, One-Two-Clap, and Hangman? 

Bonus: Do not play too long, some remote interaction like Best Dress Award and Long Service Award can be taxing since WFH.

#3 Get your partners, sponsors, & employees involved

Send the E-Annual Dinner invitation to your partners. sponsors and employees via email, text or call. The message must outline the event information – date, time, event links, food menus and more. Keep in mind that a virtual event platform can ease your work by creating a customized e-invitation service. Whether it’s a fun mail or a designed digital invitation that fit your annual dinner theme, the special announcement could help you event set tone in advance to get everyone excited.

#4 Make it a viral campaign on social media

You have your program ready, you get your team onboard, you know your platform will work, it’s time to get your E-Anual Dinner be the talk of the remote offices. Take the advantage of social media to make you the pioneer of your industry by having the E-Annual Dinner.

  • Create an event on Facebook and invite your guests to share the event
  • Have your guests to share social media post with the specific hashtags
  • Let your invited emcee, artists, influencers and speakers post on their social media.
  • Create themed posts about the E-Annual Dinner.

#5 Launch your E-Annual Dinner now! 

Just because we are stuck at home, doesn’t mean we can’t have the celebration night! With the 1.5 to 2 hours long getting together, you can recharge the team while giving a historical night in your company. So, get your dessert ready and time to enjoy the show!

Have some ideas in mind to kick start your E-Annual Dinner?

We are always here to clear your doubts, drop us a call / email anytime. Sign up for a free demo and get ready for your upcoming E-Annual Dinner.

Take Care & Stay Positive. #a.c.ewithYOU