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Can You Host A Company Annual Dinner In A Time of Pandemic, HOW?

2021 is coming to the end of the year. The pandemic has negatively impacted the global economy. There is no denying that starting in July 2021, the COVID-19 pandemic has once again upended everything in Malaysia – when everyone is trying to go back to the “normal life”. It drastically changes the plan of every business as the virus is not going to stop spreading soon. 

The next question – “WHAT NOW?” 

We need more and more suggestions and ideas to adapt to the remote challenges. Pivot the event online? While organizing an in-person event is not impossible at this pandemic, there are still many considerations and efforts we should take on in the event management to evaluate the risk of each event. 

Company Annual Dinner

Celebrating the milestone, unite, and recognize your partners, clients, and employees for their contribution. They are always the reason for organizing the company’s annual dinner. Having a company annual dinner in Malaysia is the most effective way to get connected to the world, letting the world know about your business in the corporate world and strengthening bonds. 

Also, the company annual dinner is the most looking forward event for the employees to take time dressing up and get ready for a big celebration. It is the best moment to create memories and have fun together after all the hard work.

Postponement / Cancellation?

Rather than having postponement or cancellation for your company annual dinner, rethink the pros and cons! For more than 14 years, we have engaged a lot of events and built up our recognition in the event industry. Yet, the pandemic has made us pause and rethink, how can we bring the company annual dinner back? What is the annual dinner going to look like in the new normal? Planning such an event is a crucial task for every event planner. As you know, there is a lot of hustle and planning needs to be done to launch such an event. 

Through challenges, we designed and developed the ideal concept and message of the annual dinner – 2021 version. The company annual dinner can be an expensive affair but in fact, they bring long-term benefits in many ways that even outweigh the cost. The event not only brings your employee together but also boosts motivation and professionals to earn the company values.

Here are the 8 tips that you might need to know to host a memorable company annual dinner in 2021.

8 Tips to Host A Memorable Company Annual Dinner

  1. Safety First!

Update to the latest event safety rules & regulations to keep your guests safe. Every organizer must practice the measures as follow:

  • Security registration desk
  • Temperature screening
  • Sanitizing areas
  • Disinfecting common areas and equipment
  • Social distancing
  • Mask on
  1. The Budget

Set a budget before you start planning. A budget plan would help to keep track of every expense and make the process easier. Remarkably, the budget plan is the major factor during this period when every business is trying to cut down costs nowadays. A larger venue is necessary to house your guests as compared to the previous setting. It might be costly in comparison with other specifications. 

  1. The Guest Lists

Make sure you know your guests! Inviting the guests and knowing their profile so that it helps you to decide the atmosphere of your annual dinner. A spreadsheet would be a great option for you to manage your guests. The spreadsheets must take note of your guests’ details like names, contact numbers, and their RSVP. It also helps to measure and manage any possible risks.  

  1. The Best Venue

It is highly recommendable to choose an outdoor venue as opposed to a closed indoor setting. Avoid overcrowding and keep plenty of space for your guests to move about and socialize. Draft a plan to indicate the event structure, entrance, and exits to access to the risk management techniques and emergency plan.

  1. Theme & Decoration

Bear in mind to avoid the theme of illness that might create an uncomfortable atmosphere. Select the theme and decoration smartly that sync with the purpose to engage everyone. The easiest way would be setting a dress code. Whether it is in a formal, smart casual, or special way, find a good time to inform your guests to ease their planning in their outfits.

  1. Catering Safety Consideration

All the food must be prepared in a highly hygienic environment. Set the chef-attended station and serve the food and beverage in the ready-made plate with individual silverware. There is no self-service and no buffet style. Taking these precautions would provide a high-level sense of safeguard and the guests could feel more comfortable.

  1. A Proper Table Setting 

The space planning is to ensure the social distancing in the seated dinner. The whole section of the company annual dinner would probably consist of smaller groups. Arrange a table with a maximum of 5 guests. Set a minimum distance of two meters between tables and do not overcrowd the venue.  

  1. Keep Entertained

Dinner without any form of entertainment might lift the room to a higher level of energy. There are many great ideas that you can choose for entertainment, for example:

  • Emcee
  • Professional dance show
  • Music live band
  • Magician
  • Comedy show
  •  Speak to us to know more ideas that are suitable for your company annual dinner! 

INDEED, the new technologies that have transformed the event industry into virtual and hybrid events might be an alternative way to allow people to keep connected and interact with each other remotely. Both virtual and hybrid events are now the new norm options when the event certainly cannot be postponed or cancelled. Every event has its pros and cons. As an event planner, it cannot be denied that it is a challenging task to find the most suitable strategy and solution to cope with the current situation. Yet, do not give up! Keep in mind to follow the tips above to make a bigger impact on your company annual dinner in a time of the pandemic.

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