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Event Management & Public Relations: They Need Each Other

Is event management a form of PR?..

Is PR a necessary skill for event management?..

Today let’s explore a new topic: the connection between event management and public relations.

Event management

Event management refers to executing and planning an event. This kind of management can range from a workshop, conferences, trade shows, and even parties, etc. Event management involves the overall execution of the event. The event managers require collaboration with team members to manage the entire event for project management purposes, and at the same time, PR efforts can be enhanced also.

Public Relations

The tasks of public relations mainly involved “communication”. Slightly different from event management, the ultimate goal of a PR practitioner is to help the representative company create and maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with its public. Meanwhile, they are passionate about getting the highest exposure and the best reputation for the company’s brand. Incidentally, a professional PR has enough power to make a company’s brand name forever remembered by its audience.

With cross-collaboration, PR and event management can meet the desired effect of each other. Such as:

For professional PR practitioners, publicity is their most powerful skill. For instance, the so-called content photos seen pre-and post-event are one of the PR methods. They are good at leveraging social media to get maximum exposure for the campaign. Here, event managers may need PR to help as the event needs this PR skill to win the attention of targeted audiences.

Secondly, PR practitioners often need to hold special events for their clients to build brand awareness. In the uni, event management can be one of the courses in PR. Or maybe, some PR firms will offer event management services. But generally speaking, PR practitioners are rarely involved in planning the full event. As mentioned above, they prioritize communication matters, and these are the areas of expertise for those ‘event managers’.

In a nutshell, the question we should consider now is how to combine the skills possessed by these two industries into one, and then maximize the application in the organization. Of course, PR and event management is not entirely without similarities. Both industries require considerable creative ability. For events, the team needs to create a stand-out idea; for publicity, public relations need some innovative approaches. In this light, event management and PR seem to need each other’s skills. The only thing for 100% sure of is that event management is not PR and vice versa.

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