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Going Virtual: 5 Reasons To Host A Virtual Event

In recent years, the virtual event has been pushed to reach a higher level of achievement due to the event restriction. The companies have gradually pivoted to the virtual events after taking consideration of the pros and cons. Should you trust the technology?

It is very rare or impossible that an event can be negative from all points of view.

Dalai Lama

Event planners always understand that it is rare for an event to go exactly as planned, things can go wrong. Event has no limitations whether you want to host it online or offline, it is going to bring you to a unique experience after all. It can’t be all bad, like virtual event platforms. It has removed many of the inconvenient parts of an in-person event, gathering the numerous benefits that you should consider and bring you to go virtual! 


The world is distancing itself and we must limit the number of attendees at one venue for safety issues. However, a virtual event has no limitations. A virtual event breaks the rules to be a sustainable event by bringing people together in one virtual space today. A virtual event overcomes the barriers by sharing the website link to the attendees across the world that can access from any browsers on any device. All you need is you, yourself, and the Internet, it is much more convenient to get everyone to participate.


Physical events are expensive with the event planning checklist. Without the need for a venue, manpower, transportation, accommodation, catering cost, booth setup, and decor, a virtual event saves a large amount in the budget. A virtual event is an attractive option to leverage technology for every organization with a lower budget. Thanks to a virtual event, it has greatly reduced 75% cost as compared to a physical event. 


An in-person event is a time-consuming task. In contrast, a virtual platform takes only around one month of setup time. There is no travelling time, all you have to do is just guide your employees to get familiar with the platform, deliver the objectives, and setup a mock event. You save yourself, your employees, and the attendees so much time. Not to mention that a physical event takes one to two days to dismantle, but with a virtual event, the platform provider can just remove the outdated formats and reuse for future events. There is no closing time and can be accessible 24/7. 


There are flexibilities on how you are going to host your event online. Whether it is a conference, trade fair, webinars, or any type of event, whether it is broadcasting through Zoom, YouTube Live, Instagram Live, or other social media platforms, the virtual event allows the attendees to make their decisions on which they want to attend and absorb. A virtual event can include different features to make it more interactive and exciting. Where a virtual event offers different language options, it often reaches a higher rate of engagement due to the easier connections to exchange and record information between the delegates and the attendees.


Unlike in-person events, the attendees are always online during the virtual event. Hence, it must be easier for the organizer to collect the feedback from the attendees, either through a real-time polling session or survey. The detailed report with the number of attendees, from where, booth visits, popular activity, event peak hour, and engagement rate of each session is useful to track the results of the virtual event. On the other hand, it is also essential for the organizer to calculate the return on investment (ROI) to target the potential attendees and to make enhancement for future events. 


Your mission is possible! A virtual event is now a favourable option where these benefits can be applied. If you are new to a virtual event, plan step-to-step with the expertise and you will discover a new exposure to continue running for your company vision and mission.