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How To Improve Your Corporation Brand Image And Engagement On The International Stage Via Virtual Conference Without Having To Spend More?

When you see a checkmark, you know it’s Nike.

When you heard of “Just do it”, you know it’s Nike.

And did you know that Nike’s brand colour was a dull orange?

Every morning we dress up in a certain way and act in a certain manner, which makes our identity different from others. In personal, it’s called image. In business, we called it branding. Branding is an important element for identifying your corporation and letting your clients perceive your services. 

When the pandemic hits, most industries were turned upside down and the business models have ever changed in order to adapt to the constantly changing world. For the event industry, we found that many companies were trying to pivot their physical events into a compelling virtual experience, but did not deliver much in terms of brand activation and interaction.

Is event branding works in the virtual world?

Event branding has always been the major priority when hosting an event of all kinds. However, it has become more challenging in these few years. For marketers, traditional strategies are no longer applicable and effective. When so many people work remotely, your virtual attendees log in to your event full of distractions around them. Well, be optimistic. Your virtual conference has now become the international stage that you should take full advantage of it. 

As a professional conference manager, one thing that we can tell you is that virtual conferences certainly drive customer engagement and strengthen brand credibility, often leading to more business connections. In order to do that, you have to understand event branding in an in-person event is different from virtual event branding. Event branding cost high? To be honest, not really. Instead, great event branding helps you make money. So…

How to create virtual branding in your virtual world without a big budget?

  1. Be your company.

Your virtual conference must promote a strong event identity. Aligning the visual elements including the name, logo, colours and fonts with the corporation are a form of branding. All your event assets and visual designs in your virtual environment must be cohesive with your corporation brand which impact the recognition and trust of the brand throughout the event. Together with the theme, it sets the tone for your virtual conference and fosters excitement beyond your event day. Once your virtual audiences enter your virtual conference, it boosts brand awareness and creates a sense of belonging.

  1. Brand your marketing messages.

You have put your event presents across websites, emails and social media channels. Now what? Hold on there, don’t go too fast. Once you have your visual identity, make sure you have used it consistently across your marketing materials: banners, posters, flyers, programs, etc.

  1. Deliver valuable content.

Do not let your audience leave your virtual conference without any further conversations. One of the best ways to keep the event engaging is to offer massive content during panel sessions. Hence, invite speakers that are experts in their industries and much related to your event objective to target the audiences you wish to reach. Make your speakers on message too. Create a virtual background for all presenters during the presentation session. It is an opportunity to promote the corporate brand and get more recognition.

  1. Prep your tech team.

To keep your virtual attendees engaged, you have to first keep their attention. However, the poor virtual experience will only cause frustration. You have to focus on virtual technological tools like registrations, platforms, live-streaming production, as well as live interaction features. Leveraging these tools will help connect your audience with your brand from event marketing to event planning to event management, and event execution.

ProTips: Get an internet speed of at least 100 Mbps for a reliable video stream.

It seems like virtual events are here to stay in the year 2022 and virtual event branding is the main focus for businesses to improve their corporation brand image and engagement.

Your virtual conference is your secret marketing weapon. Get ready and shoot!

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