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Hybrid Event: What’s the 3 Barriers for the Event Industry in the Recent Years

Since 2019, the coronavirus has raged and broken out. Since then, different issues happened and have continued to expand. Fortunately, humans continue to strengthen themselves to cater to various problems. Just like the event planners, they started to implement “a new trend of “event tools”” with “technology to live events”. Hybrid events certainly make the event industry profitable. For sure, when some things are combined or mixed, it will become more complicated. This will undoubtedly bring certain challenges to event planners. The following three major challenges of hybrid events are the main discussion in this article.

Challenge of Choosing an Event Venue

One of the considerations when conducting an event is the venue. When it comes to a hybrid event, the difficulty of choosing a venue will be increased. You have to meet dual requirements, as hybrid combined face-to-face and online methods. How to easily carry out two types of event formats at the same place, at the same time is the thing that event planners need to be considered. Undoubtedly, the key factors to consider in these venues must be an environment with a good network, sufficient electronic power, etc.

For offline events, the venue you choose must accommodate the number of attendees and the special requirements of your clients. The venue with a dedicated network or what we called the WI-FI environment is a very important factor for conducting an effective hybrid event to ensure that the event agenda would not be interrupted halfway. Meanwhile, a suitable online platform is essential to house the virtual attendees while carrying out the well process from broadcasting to live streaming. 

Audience Engagement

Participation or engagement is the basic guideline for evaluating the success of an event. Whether it is an offline or online event, audience participation has always been a huge challenge for the event industry. For offline events, the organizers undoubtedly have the opportunity to drive and observe their audiences’ reactions. On the contrary, it is more difficult for the organizers to evaluate whether online audiences can concentrate during the whole event.

This is the same as the hybrid event. To this end, this will involve another important point: event planners must create enough attractive event content to maintain the attention of online audiences in hybrid events, thereby increasing their level of engagement. In this regard, having features such as one-on-one conversations between organizers and audiences on the online platform is an effective way to enable networking and create connections amongst audiences.

Complexity of Hybrid

In many cases, when mentioning hybrid events, customers may not understand the exact format. Whether a hybrid is one or two events is often confusing. A hybrid event refers to one event, which combines both physical and virtual events formats.

In this regard, event planners must be very clear about this point. Otherwise, they may unintentionally change an integrated event into a two-mode format event. Simply put, what event planners need to do for customers who choose hybrid events is to provide them with a complete and unified event experience. 

Hybrid Event: Led Event Industry a Bright Career Future

Hybrid events require whole-hearted planning from the beginning to the end. Its uniqueness and great benefits deserve to be fully utilized, especially in the current special situation. Paying attention to its advantages and handling the challenges encountered properly, then the hybrid event will bring light to the future of the event industry!

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