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Is There Any Connection Between Social Media Management & Event Industry?

Today’s Q & A for the world: Is there any connection between social media management and the event industry? From our point of view, YES, YES, YES! When social media has been mentioned, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Snapchat, and TikTok will be pop-up in our minds. Nowadays, social media management does not only have a surface connection with the event sector, to be said more accurately, social media management is even more important for the event professional.

There are some business statistics for you: In 2022, there is a report showing 71% of small-to-mid-sized businesses use social media to market themselves. 200 million people visit at least one business profile every day. The numbers are shocking and you never could have predicted the boom of social media. It’s a powerful, useful, and helpful tool for individuals or your business sales. 

Coming to the event industry, social media tools currently are the trends, from time to time, it has become an essential part of the event industry. We could say that managing social media wisely is a bonus point for your event’s production. Why? Let’s move on to the part of the reasons:

  1. Build Connections

As we all know, social media platforms allow you to publish articles, photos, videos, etc. Such convenience allows the participants to have some interaction. Through the relevant posted event photos and content, participants will gain some sense of familiarity because they seem to have more comprehensive information than just hearsay about the event. Like finally, a network has been established between participants and event planners! And basically, we can know that the connection has been established by whether they share, like, or comment on certain event posts.

  1. Boost your Event Attendance Rate

As an add-on point of view for the above, a perfect event could not be made without the attendances. So, social media plays a vital role here, once you have built a connection with them and you managed some postings before, during, and after your events such as some event stage decor, or production photos, it definitely will be used as a powerful publicity tool. Besides, managing your postings amount and time wisely is an extra point as your online presence will result in the ideal registration rate for your next upcoming event.

  1. Make your Events Reach Targeted Audiences Accurately

No matter Facebook or Instagram, Youtube or Twitter, Snapchat or TikTok, what has to be highly mentioned is that all of these useful tools can add some of the unique hashtags (‘#’) while you are publishing something. Your hashtag has its worth, like it will lead people to find you when they are searching for something, once again your event gains another level of exposure!

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