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Launch Gimmicks: OUT OF THE BOX

Introducing a new product or service into the market ain’t easy. Event planners believe the “wow” element is crucial to make the event impactful that leaving a lasting impression. Regardless it is a product launch, media launch, or prospectus launch, it takes time to analyse each event objective and focus on the creative concept to present the “eye-catching” gimmicks.

As a professional conference manager, we are expert in managing corporate events. People might think we are boring. Fred not! We have organised a number of launching events over 2022 and here are the tried and tested gimmick ideas that hook the audiences’ attention right away.

  1. Hydraulic Launching With Mock-ups
  1. Palm Scan

3. LED Swipe To Activate 

4. LED Touch Screen

5. Giant Board Signing

6. Automated Reveiling Pedester

7. The Grand Unveiling

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Fantastic lighting effects and impactful music following the launching gimmicks create the perfect ambience that will make the event more exciting. It enhances the venue’s internal architecture from the stage, ceilings and walls, livening up the dead and getting your attendees excited for the launch. If you wish to level up your event, a thoughtful plan that cannot be neglected includes the elements of food and beverages, emcee, swag bags and more.

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