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Live, Virtual or Hybrid – The Wrong Choice for Corporations

Good decisions come from experience, and experience comes from making bad decisions.

Mark twain

Things change quickly in the two years of time. With the “confusing” and ever-changing SOPs, the event organizers and planners have continuously rethought and restructured the event management progress. However, there is one thing that has always remained the same – the event goals.

The common goals for every corporation are basically to demonstrate the company’s value, showcase the business culture and strengthen the market position. Whether it’s a social or educational event, the wrong choice of event format might ruin the day. 

Let’s dive into the current state of the three options and what is the wrong choice for Corporations.

  1. Live events: The most popular and effective form of event communication.

People love face-to-face interactions. The body languages like facial expressions, eye movements, gestures, and body orientation are the best approaches to reveal the state of mind and expectations towards the events. The opportunity to meet in personly and to network brings deeper connections between people. 

To host a live event, there are several factors that have to be considered. For example local regulations, production, contract flexibility especially during this uncertain pandemic. Never forget the venue and its capacity, as the level of conformity can affect the event attendance dramatically. 

  1. Virtual events: The lower cost with broader reach.

The results that virtual events bring are compelling. They are cost-effective and time-effective. With the advanced technology, the virtual setting restrains the limitations on venue size and geography, enabling a seamless experience for networking. Amidst the state of lock-down, virtual events are indeed a great option for Corporates to continue to engage audiences globally and even improve the ROI in a long term success.

  1. Hybrid events: The best of both worlds.

Today, many countries are opening up and live events are coming back. However, virtual events are here to stay. The integration of event technology into an in-person event proves that hybrid events offer a win-win situation to the event industry. Along with the potential for massive attendance – either in-person or online, hybrid events show greater diversity, inclusion, and accessibility. This approach is now the preferred approach over virtual events for Corporates.

What is the wrong choice? 

Event planning is long progress as there are many problems and challenges to watch out for. One thing that all Corporations have to keep in mind is that do not let the known unknowns paralyze their decisions making, either cancel or postpone the events. Clearly, understanding what type of event works the best for your event objective and goals is important. In today’s world, event management is a wide field and requires a more strategic approach to succeed, and adapting to a digital environment in the event industry brings the most positive effects for the events. So, the only thing you can do wrong is do nothing. Also, it is better to make a mistake than do nothing. 

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