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Some Virtual Event Ideas To ‘WOW’ Your Clients

Virtual events have become an important part of everyday life in the COVID-19 era, and they appear to be here to stay. Event planners must provide their clients with the best virtual event ideas possible. Virtual events are becoming more common, making it a necessary ability for everyone working in the event industry.

So, here are a few virtual event ideas for you to consider!

Concert in the VIrtual World

Concert in the Virtual World

People will undoubtedly miss the live concerts as they spend more time at home! Virtual concerts are one of the most exciting online events since music may help people relax during these hectic times. The event is anticipated to go on even if the venue changes to virtual. You can invite some of the audience’s favourite musicians to perform. During the break, a virtual DJ performance can be added to bring the concert atmosphere to the next level.

Virtual Comedy Show

Virtual Comedy Show

Propose a virtual comedy night for your client if he prefers lighthearted activities. Comedy acts can also be a modest feature of an event, especially at product launches. Inviting some comedians is a bold thing, but it’s a terrific way to promote the products because you may gain more exposure by stating what the company produces while the comedians are performing. A comedy night, on the other hand, is unquestionably improper for formal events.

Virtual Exhibition

Virtual Exhibition

Although a virtual exhibition is not a very novel concept, to make it more interesting, it can be combined with other awareness initiatives, such as environmental preservation, child abuse, gender equality, and so on. Event planners might recommend virtual art exhibitions for 3 to 5 days to their NGO or NPO clients. The exhibition will primarily focus on providing significant artworks and materials. 

For example, in the case of a child violence awareness campaign, the virtual exhibition could display photos of previous cases of child violence. You can also allow former victims to express their sentiments through painting and then virtually present these paintings in the exhibition if you want to elicit deeper emotions from the audience. The virtual exhibition can, of course, be free to enter.

In general, event planners should be brave enough to employ their imaginations and work hard to put them into action. Since virtual events are here to stay, event planners will also need to refine and adopt new ideas to fit the expectations of different clients.

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