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The 2 Lessons Every Corporate Event Team Learn In Organizing Hybrid Events Too Late

Two is better than one.

At first glance, a hybrid event is pretty simple. You got the physical part, you got the virtual part. Bang! Your hybrid event is done. Well, it might be the best event you have done, it might be the worst ever.

Hybrid Event Is Now The Future Of The Event Industry.

To be honest, you can never have equality between physical, virtual or hybrid events. While hybrid event joints both physical and virtual benefits, there is a lot to consider to break through all the complexity.

Hybrid events in a post-Covid world have presented a new face in organizing events that expand the global reach and maximise the return on investment. The corporate event team who had run a few hybrid events before were facing the challenges and failed the hybrid event. Then, they found a.c.e and ask us what are the reasons behind it? We have investigated those madness cases and crafted this guide for you.

2 Lessons Learned In Organizing Hybrid Events

  1. It takes two worlds of audiences to make one event.

Hybrid events are like running two events at once. Things that work at the physical aspect doesn’t mean they work the same virtually. Therefore, you have to create a dynamic plan that differs across both worlds. For example:

  • Prioritize the hygiene issues in the venue. 
  • Pick an accessible virtual event platform.
  • Set up the right settings: Camera, lighting, audio & positions.
  • Have multiple breakout rooms to have small discussions.
  • Incorporate downloadable video and presentation content.
  • Have the onsite support team as well as the technical support team.

Of course, these plans must be focusing on engagement, inclusion and interaction to connect both worlds’ audiences. 

  1. It takes two hands to clap.

Do not get any of the worlds feeling left out. The best way to connect your onsite and virtual audiences is to provide networking opportunities. It can be easier to end your event with big applause than you thought. 

  • Hire a virtual host that assists you to manage the event flow. 
  • Have the speakers run the live polling and Q&A sessions.
  • Set up the two-way communications feature to expand their networks.
  • Gamify the event.

We did a comprehensive hybrid event checklist before. Download it and you will find it useful at your next hybrid event. It’s never too late to host your hybrid event by now. But but but, think twice and learn these two lessons to make your hybrid event manageable before it’s “too” late.

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